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Episode # 81 Passion Peeps - Barnet Bain

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You believe in the power of thoughts. But do you also believe it's possible to use the mind to heal yourself - and even others? If you're at all curious about this fascinating possibility, today's episode of The Inspiration Show may just shift your model of reality. Joining us is Lynne McTaggart, a best-selling author, award-winning journalist and lecturer, as she reveals how the mind can be turned into a tool for personal and mass healing.

The Power of Eight - Lynne McTaggart

On today’s episode of The Inspiration Show, I speak with Gaia mystic, healer, and international speaker: Mare Cromwell. Mare joins me to share her astonishing communications with Mother Earth or Gaia. During the show, you'll discover the timely 'spiritual transmissions' Mare has received from Gaia, and she sheds some light on the important role you play in bringing wisdom, love, and compassion back to earth.

The Great Mother Bible - Mare Cromewell

Did you know the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertisements in a day? Modern life bombards us with unending information. Yet how much of it is wisdom that truly fulfills and enlightens us? And why, despite the constant communication, do many of us feel more disconnected than ever from each other? According to my friend Dr. Anita Sanchez, the solution to our modern overwhelm and isolation is to simply reconnect with our true nature. Join us on today's episode as she reveals how 4 'Sacred Gifts', passed on to her from a group of indigenous leaders, can help you rediscover deeper meaning, wisdom and connection in your life.

The 4 Sacred Gifts - Anita Sanchez

Have you ever read a gripping, fascinating, mind-blowing book, and thought to yourself:

How To Land A Book Deal - Zhena Muzyka

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