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Latest Episodes

88: Let’s Finally Talk About Money with Hilary Hendershott

With over two decades of experience helping people preserve and accumulate wealth, financial powerhouse Hilary Hendershott teaches us that it’s okay for women to talk about money. Get ready for an empowering conversation on money, the emotions we have about making it, and the value in starting to question our firmly held money beliefs. By the end of this episode, you’ll be ready to call up your closest girlfriends to discuss all of the burning money topics you’ve been afraid to share before!

87: Revealing Universal Pathways To Joyful Living with Gail and Gregory Hoag

Partners in business and life, Gail and Gregory Hoag, are talking about all things spirituality and our unique connection to the Universe. Their perspective comes from the sacred world of geometry, which is the mathematical measurement of all that exists not just on the planet but in the entire universe. And you're in luck because they are revealing the universal pathways to joyful living at their free Divine Paradigm Symposium. So get ready for a very high-frequency conversation!

86: How To Truly Love Yourself (Despite Everything) with Goddess Juliet Bravo

Goddess Bravo is a force of nature. As a disabled army veteran, cancer survivor who battled homelessness and depression and lost everything she owned in Hurricane Katrina, her miraculous story of overcoming challenges will leave you wondering how it was possible for her to keep moving forward. In the episode she teaches us how we must always find the time to truly love ourselves. Brace yourself because she’s sharing her incredible story and tips you can use to show yourself the love you deserve.

85: Understanding The Vagus Nerve And Its Pathway To Pleasure with Melanie Weller

Melanie Weller is a Physical Therapist, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, and she’s educating us on the longest and most complex nerve in the body: the vagus nerve, which goes from the brain down to the pelvis. She discusses how clearing blocks in this nerve can create a portal to growth and creativity, so get ready because we go deep on its bridge between our bodies and the world around us.

84: Cultivating A Strong Relationship With Your Ex After Divorce with Rosalind Sedacca

Author and founder of Child Centered Divorce network and host of Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living Radio Show & Podcast, Rosalind Sedacca, teaches parents how to navigate, cultivate, and maintain harmonious relationships with an ex after divorce. She's sharing the practical tools we can use like learning to pick your battles and acknowledging the good in your ex-partner's actions. Her work helps people navigate this new reality while also making children of divorced parents the main priority.

83: How To Move Past Betrayal And Infidelity with Dr. Jeanne Michele

After first being with us to discuss infidelity in relationships, the conversation continues with Dr. Jeanne Michele. She is back to reveal how couples can move past betrayal to make the relationship truly thrive! And in this episode, she walks us through the steps couples can take to not only apologize but take ownership of their respective roles in such tough situations. Listening to this episode is a must if you're ready to move past betrayal and reinvigorate your relationship.