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Latest Episodes

Susan Burrell

41: Journeying From Worthless To Worthy with Susan Burrell

As women at this time in our lives, it’s important to learn to love ourselves beyond measure, without any expectations. And just like two long lost soul sisters, in this episode, intuitive healer and spiritual guide Susan Burrell and I talk all about the journey from feeling worthless to worthy. Author of ‘Live an Empowered Life! A 30-Day Journey Book’, Susan is empathetically using her own story of grief and shame to teach others how to live an empowered life.

Eram Saeed

40: Women Business Mavericks with Eram Saeed

Leading online-business coach Eram Saeed has been teaching her success principles for over a decade. And in her upcoming event, Women Business Mavericks 2020, she’s showing women how to scale their own businesses in the most effective ways. After relocating from Pakistan to the USA, navigating two divorces, experiencing cultural shame, and surviving domestic violence, she is helping women become financially independent and start owning our greatest gift: femininity. Get ready to feel empowered!

Lisa Tahir

39: Healing Through Our Core Wounds with Lisa Tahir

Have you noticed deep-seated negative programming showing up more for you during the pandemic? If so, you'll love this episode! I'm joined by clinical social worker and psychotherapist, Lisa Tahir, who explains how we can heal the core wounds that live inside of us using Astrology. Taking lessons from her book, The Chiron Effect: Healing Our Core Wounds through Astrology, Empathy, and Self-Forgiveness, we discuss how to shift our vibrations to bring about the peace and happiness we desire.

Janet Attwood

38: Mastering Self Love with Janet Attwood

Living Personal Development legend, Janet Attwood is here to help us dig deep into ourselves to master self-love and uncover our passions. As we continue to grow and age, as women, we may start to question who we truly are. Today, Janet explains how we can step into our most judgment-free, peaceful selves, at any age. Plus, she walks us through the most enlightening and empowering self-love exercise – you’ll be amazed by the discoveries. Enjoy!

Cassady Cayne

37: Finding Our Inner Light with Cassady Cayne

Get ready for a high vibrational convo with author Cassady Cayne, as we tap into the realm of spiritual awakenings and connections to the divine. She shares her personal story and reveals how we can use spirituality to uncover our inner light. We’ll also chat about the topics found in her new book, The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?, and how this time is the perfect chance to break down rigid perceptions of who we are, so we can reveal the brighter inner light that exists in all of us.

Georgia Foster

36: 7 Days To Drink Less with Georgia Foster

Alcohol reduction specialist, Georgia Foster, has a 7 Days To Drink Less Program designed for those looking to better manage drinking habits. Drawing on hypnosis and her training in psychology, in this episode, she's giving us a peek inside how we can create new coping strategies to cut back on alcohol and to essentially feel better overall. If you've ever struggled with using alcohol as a go-to fix, get ready for an insightful conversation on how we can ditch default drinking once and for all.