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– Karen Schwab


Latest Episodes

106: Sh!thouse: A Memoir with Lauren Dollie Duke

Over the past 7 years, author, educator, healer, entrepreneur, and community activist, Lauren Dollie Duke struggled with a plethora of physical and emotional symptoms due to PTSD from childhood. And now, she’s released Sh!thouse: A Memoir – a book all about her harrowing childhood and how she used the writing process to heal from the trauma she experienced. Get ready for an honest, raw, and relatable conversation on why we must share our stories and forgive those who have done us wrong.

105: It’s Not Normal It’s Toxic with Dr. Heidi

Dr. Heidi is a toxic relationship awareness and healing specialist who uses her own experience as a guide to helping others. Through education, she teaches her clients how to spot, navigate, and release themselves from toxic relationships to start living life on their own terms. She reveals the red flags to look out for and why self-discovery is imperative to the healing process. Get ready for an episode that just might be more relatable to your own experience than you think!

104: Making Our Money Work For Us (Right Now!) with Stephanie Walter

Capital raiser, syndicator, and CEO of Erbe Wealth, Stephanie Walter, believes that we need to start viewing money as something that should be working for us right away. And she’s graciously sharing how we can see past old money myths and tap into the investment strategies used by the wealthy to create a positive cash flow. Get out your pen and paper because she’s giving us all the details on how to make our money work for us and how we can immediately set ourselves up for increased abundance.

103: Rediscover The Confident, Sexy, And Empowered You with Amber Shaw

Tired of dieting? Well, founder of The Wellness Revolution – a global movement for women to rediscover their confidence and create bodies that look as great as they feel – Amber Shaw, is teaching us how to ditch the scale and better understand the relationship we have with food and our bodies. So if you're ready to finally get off the diet train and get to a place of contentment with yourself, get ready because after this episode, you'll never look at food as good or bad ever again!

102: Why Women Gain Weight After 40 with Dr. Cari Schaefer

Integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Cari Schaefer is helping women over 40 learn to master their weight. And she's back with us to reveal the hidden factors that may be secretly playing a role in why we tend to pack on the pounds during this time of our lives. Plus, she's offering access to her free 7-day masterclass where you'll not only be able to see the blueprint of all the factors that lead to weight gain but also have access to a support system of women going through similar experiences.

101: Thriving After Betrayal with Dr. Debi Silber

After experiencing deep betrayal in her own life, founder and CEO of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute, Dr. Debi Silber, is sharing her expertise on overcoming betrayal and thriving again. She's sharing the five stages you'll move through when you've been betrayed and how to come out stronger than ever before. Be sure to take notes on this episode because you'll get a chance to answer some important questions to help you recover from past betrayal, no matter how long ago it happened.