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Latest Episodes

80: What To Do When You're Triggered with Deirdre Fay

Psychotherapist and educator Deirdre Fay is using her expertise to teach others how to overcome their past, get their needs met, and live rewarding lives. Deirdre shares unique strategies to help us release old programming that we may be carrying from childhood and helps us identify and address our triggers right away. Get ready to learn exactly how to drench yourself with love as you step into this amazing next new chapter of life.

79: It's Not Too Late To Be Great with Rhonda Mincey

Can you imagine going to college at 45? Well, Rhonda Mincey did just that, and she's sharing her inspiring story of why it's never too late to be great, start again, and make life amazing. It wasn't until her late 40s that she was able to clearly see her purpose of helping others transform their lives. So at 45, she enrolled in college, and by 50, she had her Master's Degree and was only able to do that by leaning into the fear and doubt she felt and persevering anyway. Get ready to be inspired!

78: Improving Communication And Decreasing Conflict with Jeanie Cisco-Meth

2x best-selling author, professional speaker, educator, and proud parent Jeanie Cisco-Meth has created a system for improving communication and decreasing conflict. Whether it’s in the home, with a partner, with children, or most importantly, with ourselves, she’s teaching us how we can productively deal with negativity and use emotion as a tool for growth. After years of being bullied herself, Jeanie shares the empowering ways you too can navigate conflict to cultivate stronger relationships.

77: The Truth About Work Life Balance with Cherylanne Skolnicki

Is there such a thing as work life balance? Or is it all a fallacy? Well, Cherylanne Skolnicki is an authority on wellbeing and work life balance, and in this episode, she's showing us how to ditch the old balance scale and embrace the graceful transitions of change happening in our lives. Finding balance is about being responsive to our dynamic environment, so during this enlightening episode, you'll learn exactly how to master the ability to respond to life's changes without getting burnt out.

76: Women and Financial Literacy with Karen Altfest

Principal advisor at Altfest Personal Wealth Management, Karen Altfest, is not simply teaching women wealth literacy but teaching it in a way that will make you feel completely comfortable and confident in money management. We discuss the different ways women can step into their power and take charge of their wealth to create financial security. Plus, you’ll learn how you can give yourself the wiggle room to treat yourself to the small luxuries in life and simultaneously plan for the future.

75: Worthy Human with Tracy Litt

Leadership expert, mindset coach, spiritual advisor, and author of the book Worthy Human: Because You Are the Problem and the Solution, Tracy Litt is exposing a surprisingly common challenge women face: the ability to receive. Tracy shares the value in recognizing what receivership is and how we often don’t realize that our behaviors do the opposite of what we say we want. From learning to say thank you to being able to ask for help, get ready to feel totally transformed after this episode!