An exclusive invitation from Natalie Ledwell, founder of Mind Movies:

Imagine Yourself, Just Weeks From Now, Experiencing The Biggest Personal Breakthrough Of Your Life!

Enroll In The Ultimate Success Masterclass, And Join Our Elite Tribe Of Students Experiencing Extraordinary Outcomes In Their Career, Finances, Health & Relationships


"Natalie Ledwell is an amazing teacher and I’m pleased to call her my friend. And what she’s doing to change the lives of millions of people around the world is simply incredible."

- Bob Proctor
Consultant, Author, Lecturer, and Motivational Speaker.

A Message From Natalie Ledwell, Co-Founder of The Mind Movies Movement:

I'm Not Sure If You Should Be Reading This...

I know it's unusual to start a letter this way, but the invitation I'm about to show you is not for everyone.

You see, I created this page to invite you to the Ultimate Success Masterclass: a transformational journey towards the biggest personal breakthrough (or breakthroughs) of your life.

And who couldn't use a breakthrough, right?

But before we continue this conversation, I must tell you that this is a different kind of personal growth experience.


For one, the Ultimate Success Masterclass is highly personal. It will shake you up and leave you questioning yourself, your beliefs and your entire life.

At certain moments it may even leave you in tears.

Secondly, it will transform you on such a profound level, that it's possible you'd barely recognize your 'old' life just a few months or weeks from now.

And so the only way we can be sure you'd be a fit for this experience... is if you can say YES to each of these statements:

"I know I have the potential to step up and play a bigger game"

"I have a so-big-it's-scary career/financial/personal goal that I dream of achieving"

"I believe life should be an exhilarating adventure or nothing at all"

"I am open to collaborating with a mentor and like-minded tribe who are passionate to help me achieve my goals"

"I am open to bold new methods of personal growth that will shake me up in all the right ways"

Still Here?

Then Let Me Show You How The Ultimate Success Masterclass Will Elevate Your Life To Breathtaking New Heights...

The Ultimate Success Masterclass is the culmination of every lesson, technique, technology and breakthrough that my team and I have gathered in the process of helping 5.8 million people elevate their lives.

And it has been perfected over the past 8 years through intensive coaching with people from all walks of life...

To give you a holistic and universal "formula" to superhuman success.

One that brings together today's best wisdom in fields like personal growth...


The Law of Attraction


Quantum Physics

To help you spark profound breakthroughs in every area of life that matters to you.

As you'll soon see, we don't play small in the Ultimate Success Masterclass! In fact, when you join us, you can expect...

* Not just improvements to your work performance... but explosive growth that leads to raises, promotions, business expansion, and even entirely new career paths.

* Not just a healthier perspective on wealth... but major breakthroughs in your money mindset and your ability to attract lucrative opportunities, people and circumstances into your life.

* Not just a little more free time... but the emotional, mental and financial freedom to create a passion and purpose-driven life on YOUR terms, filled with people, experiences and places that fill you with joy and fulfillment.

* Not just deeper connections with your loved ones... but a newfound ability to empathize, empower and positively influence everyone around you - from family, friends, and co-workers, to present and future lovers.

* Not just greater personal energy and focus... but a deep and lasting positive change in the way you nourish, heal and strengthen your body (don't be surprised if people start swearing you look 10 years younger)!

“A huge thank you for all the help and inspiration Natalie, and to your crew as well. I have had many many positive changes to my health and I am going to start with a new career goal next! It is truly an excellent program, and I have been doing this type of thing since 1980. Thanks again for your kindness, flexibility and gentleness as I worked my way through the modules. Bravo!”

Maggie Meredith

“Thank you so much for your program, I have to say, yours is the most inspirational of all programs or products that I have come across. I love the whole thing, the community, your ongoing support, the USM product, the mind movies, the forum - I could go on but suffice it to say I love, love, love, EVERYTHING. I am thrilled beyond words to have stumbled upon you on Facebook and I think you and U.S.M is what I have needed to get myself out of the financial rut that I've found myself in.”

Sonia Kelleher

“I am beginning my second round of USM today! It was very powerful and helpful in so many ways. It helped me so much I can't begin to express in words. What a blessing to start the New Year in new circumstances, without the heavy heart that I carried for years. I look forward now to powerful changes in my own life, and the realisation of my dreams as I go through USM again. Many, many thanks for all the energy and love you put into this course, guiding so many people. And most of all, for being accessible to me for personal contact and communication.”


How Do I Know These Breakthroughs Will
Happen For You?

Because The Ultimate Success Masterclass Is
Based On A Universal Formula Harnessed By The World's Elite To Perform At Their Peak, As
Reliably As Clockwork...

My inspiration for this Masterclass came a few years back, when I
was struggling to help many of the people who came to me.

Because yes, I was training them to use our powerful Mind
Movies visualization software...

And yes, I was teaching them about concepts like the Law of
Attraction and mind science...

But the more I saw what people's challenges were, and the more
I connected with the tribe of teachers, thinkers and visionaries
from a wide variety of industries, the more I realized a truth:

Most Of Us - Even Those Of Us Committed To Our Personal Growth - Are Only Oiling A Handful Of Cogs In The Machine!

What exactly do I mean by this?

Well, despite everything you've tried -

Whether it's meditation, visualization, goal-setting, manifesting, or even something more technical like hypnosis...

And even if you've already experienced some progress on your journey...

Do you STILL feel stuck... unproductive... uninspired...and unmotivated... just a little too often for comfort?

And do you perhaps struggle to put your finger on what's missing?

If so, I can promise you are not alone:

99% Of People Experience This Quiet Frustration Regularly, No Matter What Course They Study, What Book They Read, Or Which Guru They Follow

But is it just human nature to feel this way?

That's what I believed at first, until I began observing the 1% of people who break this pattern...

People like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Ferriss, Deepak Chopra...

And countless other unnamed 'superhumans' who somehow manifest their goals almost as fast as they can imagine them.

Now, I'm not saying these people don't have their down days - of course they do, because they're just as human as you or I.

But what's so fascinating about them is, they have - sometimes completely unconsciously! - created empowering systems that allow them to soar above their human limitations... and reach levels of success and abundance most of us can only dream of.

And so the question that intrigued me was...

What Really Separates The World's Top
Performers From The Rest Of Us?

Is it their beliefs?

Their daily rituals?

Their wisdom?

Their habits?

Their discipline and willpower?

Their gifts?

Or did the Universe just give them a lucky break?

The Answer, Which I Pieced Together Over Years Of Intimate Dinners, Interviews And Closed-Door Conferences...

Is That It's ALL Of These Things, Combined Into
ONE Ultimate Success Formula

The Ultimate Success Masterclass is your gateway to this formula.

And you know what's great about following a formula?

So much of the hard work has already been done for you!

All you do is trace its steps... and your success is virtually guaranteed.

I should know, because...

When I Started Applying This Formula To My Own Life, Magic Happened...

A lot of people think personal growth coaches like me have nearly perfect lives.

I mean, we should be practicing what we preach, right?

Well I'm happy to report that today, I'm blessed with the life of my dreams... a business that helps millions of people... and the freedom to live on my personal terms.

But a few years ago, I was a broke and exhausted entrepreneur.

No matter how much I struggled, hustled and did the 'inner work'... I couldn't take my Mind Movies movement to the next level.

I even constantly feared that people would out me as a phony.

And as I began piecing together the Ultimate Success Formula, I realized precisely what was holding me back from being of full service to myself and others.

The Ultimate Success Formula Transformed My Reality - And It Will Transform Yours Too...

The Ultimate Success Formula taught me to start making small but profound tweaks to my daily life.

And so I changed my habits. I became more conscious of my inner dialogue. I experimented with new personal growth tools and techniques that challenged and shook me up.

The results showed within days, and intensified in the weeks that followed.

I felt more confident. More focused and energized. More grateful, positive and empowered.

And as this happened... my outer reality began shifting too.

I saw a surge of interest in my Mind Movies movement. Tens of thousands of new students began flocking to us. And I experienced remarkable elevations in my finances, my health and even my relationships with my friends, co-workers and students.

So it came as no surprise that when I started sharing this Ultimate Success Formula with my loved ones, every single one began experiencing similar breakthroughs in their lives.

For instance...

One student of mine was wheelchair-bound for 8 years after a tragic car accident. He was told he would never walk again, but after altering his medical approach and adopting many elements of this Ultimate Success Formula... he beat the odds, and now travels the world speaking at motivational seminars.

Another is a close friend, who is now a bestselling author and speaker. She used very similar principles found in this Ultimate Success Formula to overcome an entire childhood of abuse, to forgive her father, and even become a successful entrepreneur.

And then there was another dear friend of mine, who as a teenager, went to prison for 4 ½ years - and ended up becoming a teacher in prison for her cellmates, and who now teaches women how to tap into their gifts, learn from their experience and build meaningful businesses and careers. And when I asked her how she did it... guess what? Yet again it corresponds to this Ultimate Success Formula I'm telling you about.

What Does Your Ultimate Success Look Like?

The Ultimate Success Masterclass (USM) 2.0 is an intensive and interactive online experience that trains you in every aspect of our Ultimate Success Formula.

Upon acceptance, we'll grant you a private membership site containing:

  • A transformational video lesson (plus a downloadable PDF eBook of the lesson)
  • A teleseminar audio recording with me, where we'll dive deeper into the module’s lesson
  • Handy exercise worksheets for maximizing your results
  • A set of fun Daily Success Rituals designed to keep you in peak state
  • Empowering success tools including online journals, checklists and reminder services
  • And community features that connect you to me and the USM Tribe - including forums, a secret Facebook Page and an ‘Ask a USM Coach’ section

Plus NEW in USM 2.0

  • Completely redesigned new look & feel of the platform to provide you with the best possible experience
  • A digital congratulatory gift package at the end of every program level filled with empowering goodies and peak performance tools
  • A monthly LIVE call with me where I answer your questions and keep your momentum going

Master The Ultimate Success Formula In Just 12 Easy-To-Follow Learning Modules

USM breaks down the Ultimate Success Formula into 12 compact modules, each with its own unique focus.

As you progress through these modules at your own pace, you'll receive each piece of the Ultimate Success Formula.

So now, let's dive into the formula itself...


In your opening module, you'll discover how to apply the daily rituals used by successful people to tune themselves to the 'frequency' of abundance and success... so opportunities, wealth and the right people gravitate into your life on autopilot.


The next step of the formula is to take control of your destiny through empowering intentions and goals. In this module, you'll get powerful tools that will help you enlist the help of the Universe itself to energize your intentions and goals... and even eye-opening exercises for selecting the intentions and goals that best serve you.


Once you've set intentions, the next step is to create supercharged affirmations that program you and rocket you towards those intentions. We'll go DEEP in this one, exploring subjects like Neuro Linguistic Programming and 'power' affirmations that add extra juice to your manifesting momentum.


Many personal growth courses talk about the LOA, but we'll go far deeper here with tutorials on how to activate your Reticular Activating System, which is the part of your brain that controls your manifesting power. Plus, you'll get a ton of other tips and tricks for supercharging the LOA, including how to infuse the power of emotion and repetition into your daily rituals.


In module 5, you'll master the RIGHT way to take action towards your goals, by tapping into what I call your 'Inner Guidance System'. You'll also get a handpicked set of tools to help you move forward, including a Taking Action checklist and a number of ingenious methods for keeping yourself driven and inspired as you take action.


The next step of the formula guides you through a remarkable process for deleting the limiting beliefs wedged deep in your subconscious mind (you'll be surprised when you learn where many of these beliefs come from). You'll also experience a variety of Mastery Exercises that elevate you to a high-vibration state, where new limiting beliefs cannot take root.


Module 7 focuses on strengthening the core values that will help you make the right decisions for your career, your finances, your happiness and every area of your life. You'll get some extremely powerful tools here including Core Values worksheets and a guide to getting into your 'happy place', where your clarity is at its peak.


Next up, I'll bring on my dear friend Janet Attwood, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test, to tell you about the nature of passion, some of the greatest misconceptions about passion, and most importantly, how to realistically and sustainably turn your passions into a focal point of your life. Here you'll also experience her remarkable Passion Text exercise for discovering what you're really passionate about.


Module 9 is a deep dive into overcoming your personal challenges. Here you'll get some fantastic assets for soaring above the barriers holding you back, including how to remove 'Energy Draining' people and situations from your life, how to reclaim priceless pockets of time in your busy day, and even how to turn your challenges into rocket fuel for your goals.


Module 10 takes you even deeper into the Ultimate Success Formula, by showing you how to harness your thoughts and words to supercharge your abundance, empathy, productivity and mindset. You'll discover how you sabotage yourself through innocent thoughts and words you use every day - and how to replace them with empowering ones that draw affluence towards you like a higher-powered magnet.


Once you've mastered the Ultimate Success Formula's internal tools for peak performance, it's time to meet the collective consciousness known as 'Source'. Here you'll master the art and science of asking the Universe itself for help, and aligning your decisions, thoughts and actions to be in harmony with the rhythm of the cosmos. I'll even give you my 5-second 'brainwave' technique I use every morning to stay aligned with my goals.


In this final module, we'll lock in all the growth and breakthroughs you've made on your journey. The key is through easy and fun techniques that allow you to absorb all these principles into your daily life, so they become as normal and effortless to you as breathing.

The Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0 brings together all the requests, fresh ideas and innovations we've gathered since designing the original curriculum.

What you get is an even more immersive journey of personal growth thanks to brand new features like...


You'll Receive A Congratulatory Digital Gift Package At The End Of Each Level

The follow-through is often the trickiest thing. Just ask all those half-read books and broken New Year resolutions.

So as you complete each level of the Ultimate Success Masterclass, you'll receive a digital congratulatory gift package specially curated to keep you motivated and vibin' towards your goals.

In this package you'll find:

  • An inspiring congratulatory video from yours truly
  • An exclusive Mind Movie visualization video to help lock in the level you just finished
  • Gorgeous and empowering desktop wallpapers for your computer and smartphone
  • And a printable official certificate of completion to remind you of your achievement

Speaking of starting, you can even restart USM as many times as you like after graduating. Many of our students do this multiple times (some even make it an annual event), to keep themselves in peak condition and to stay on top of the new challenges entering their lives.


It's Not Just Personal Growth, It's Dynamic Personal Growth

The best personal growth is always personal. So the moment you begin USM, you'll start receiving customized motivational and training emails based on your unique actions within the curriculum.

So whether you need a little dose of inspiration to finish the level you're on... or if we've found a particular tool or exercise that's perfect for you... expect to always receive the motivating messages you need to hear, when you need to hear them.

Profound Transformation For Busy People

You're busy. Possibly even too busy (which is one of the many reasons people join us - to reduce their overwhelm and start living on their own terms).

I get it, because I'm busy too.

So I've designed USM to work around your busy life, instead of adding to your overwhelm - which is why you're free to study it at your own pace.

Your daily rituals and Mastery exercises take just a few minutes to perform, and can be done at any time of day that feels best to you. As for your lessons, you can choose to spread them out over a few mornings or evenings, or instead, spend a couple hours of focus time on the weekend.

You can even take a break when you find yourself extra busy with work or family.

You also get direct access to friendly USM coaches eager to answer your questions and save you time and energy. Plus a host of easy-to-use productivity tools that make it easy (and FUN!) to stay on top of your USM tasks and trainings.

The Ultimate Success Masterclass Gives You Direct Access To Our Tribe... And To Me

My intention with USM is to bring you as close as possible to a high-end mastermind experience... minus the high price and months of waiting.

This means in-depth training with a personal touch - which includes a variety of engaging community features like forums, a secret Facebook page, a private message tool and insider-only events.

You'll love connecting, co-creating and accelerating your results with kindred spirits on the same path as you - and who knows, you might even meet someone special you'll stay connected with for life.

Plus, there’s even an Ask A Coach section in your private membership site:

Just use this to leave a question for me - any question, as long as it's about personal growth or the Ultimate Success Formula! - and I'll give you a quick, personal and in-depth reply.

USM is our only course that gives you this level of access to both me and our community.

What Our Community Says About
The Ultimate Success Masterclass:

Vanessa McDonald Landed Her Dream Job:

Deanne Tindale Wrote Her First Ever Novel:

Rebecca Scott Beat Stress And Rebalanced Her Life:

Chelsea Kuye Reset Her Mindset:

Kimberly Brown Reprogrammed Herself With
Empowering New Habits:

The Fastest & Most Affordable Path To Your Ultimate Success

I wonder -

What would you give to wake up every morning with a huge grin on your face...

Knowing you're living in delicious alignment with your passions, goals and dreams?

Many people spend decades of time and untold sums of money on books, programs, seminars and coaching to slowly piece together that kind of life.

But what if there was an easier way? A fast track to your Ultimate Success?

My goal with the Ultimate Success Masterclass is to separate the wheat from the chaff...

And give you nothing but the best peak performance and mind science wisdom available on the planet - synthesized into one lean, personalized and flexible curriculum.

This is the cream of personal growth training. And it's also the closest you'll get to a high-end personal coaching experience - but at a tiny fraction of the price.

Because while high-end personal coaching, seminars and courses can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars (especially when you realize one is never enough!)...

Your investment in the Ultimate Success Masterclass is a one-time payment of just $1997 $997.

That's the best deal you'll find on this level of peak performance training. And if you prefer, our Easy Payment Plan even lets you get started for just $169.99.

Enroll Today And Get Two FREE Bonuses Worth $661

BONUS 1: The Mind Movies Creation Kit For Supercharging Your Manifesting Power ($197 Value)

The Mind Movies Creation Kit is our original and most popular technology of all time.

It's a simple yet powerful software... used by over 5.8 million people worldwide to create fully personalized 3-minute 'animated vision boards' that combine vivid photos and images, emotionally inspiring music and powerful affirmations to SUPERCHARGE their manifesting power, and bring their passions, dreams and goals into reality.

All you do is follow the simple instructions to create your Mind Movie, watch it for a few quick minutes a day... and let it do the rest of the work, programming your subconscious mind and aligning your vibrations with what you want in life.

You'll be amazed at how the Universe responds to this alignment, as it inexplicably draws the people, resources and opportunities you need to make your dreams come to life.

As you can imagine, this kit is an extremely powerful tool to complete USM, because you can use your Mind Movies to amplify the speed and depth of your results.

BONUS 2: 12 Months Access To Our Subliminal Success Accelerator Monthly Mentorship Program ($444 Value)

The Subliminal Success Accelerator is our monthly mentorship program that delivers exclusive training and support to our most committed members, including:

* A live monthly teleseminar coaching call with myself and some of the most inspiring personal growth experts and authors on the planet, from Bob Proctor to John Assaraf to Dr. Joe Vitale.

* A subliminal audio download created by our brainwave entrainment expert Morry Zelcovitch, that will help you naturally reprogram your subconscious mind for effortless success in the areas of money, mindset, confidence, productivity and more.

* Mind Movies Subliminal, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to play your Mind Movie faintly in the background of your computer, so that even while you’re working or surfing the web, you can continue to feed your subconscious mind with all of the positively charged images and affirmations you choose to put inside your Mind Movie.

When you enroll in USM today, you get 12 months of free access to the Subliminal Success Accelerator program - and it's a fantastic way to lock in and amplify your peak performance, long after you've completed your USM curriculum.

You're Protected By Our "Ultimate Success Or Nothing" Guarantee

Our promise to you is simple:

If the Ultimate Success Masterclass doesn't give you the biggest breakthrough of your life - whether that's in your career, finances, relationships or health - then we'll give you a full, friendly, no-questions-asked enrollment fee refund.

So if you're not satisfied with USM for any reason whatsoever, just email us within 60 days from your date of enrollment at [email protected]

(In other words, you can study almost the whole curriculum at zero risk before deciding if it's for you.)

As you can see, this offer puts all your risk on us - and we wouldn't be making it if we weren't so sure that your Ultimate Success is inevitable once you begin this journey with us.

Who The Ultimate Success Masterclass Is NOT For...

Like I said in the beginning, I must remind you that USM is not for everyone - and that's a good thing.

Why? Because our tribe is such a big part of the USM experience.

I am fiercely protective of this experience, so I only want to enrich it with the kind of positive, ambitious and committed people who already make up our tribe.

So as much as I'd like USM to be for everyone, I must respectfully ask you to NOT enroll with us if you aren't prepared to...

* Experience life-changing personal growth - the kind that leaves you looking back 6 months from now, barely recognizing all the challenges from your 'old' life...

* Invest your time and energy to build the foundations for this growth (at your own pace of course)...

* Stay committed to this journey from start to finish - no giving up halfway just because you got "busy" or distracted (although it's fine to take breaks and come back to it later)...

* Step outside your comfort zone, and experience your own gifts, emotions and dreams from a refreshing new perspective that will shake up your perception of who you really are...

* And of course support, co-create and connect with the wonderful people who make up our tribe.

If you can promise me those things, I can promise you that once this training experience is over (and possibly even before it's over)...

  • Your personal challenges will disappear into thin air.
  • You will get un-stuck.
  • Your life will rise to exhilarating new heights.
  • And Ultimate Success will become a part of who you are.

Are you with me?

A Special Offer For New Students Only:
Get An Introductory Discount On
The Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0

I'm thrilled to finally share this upgraded version of the Ultimate Success Masterclass with the world.

We've already helped thousands with the original curriculum - and I believe we can help tens of thousands more with this new and improved one.

None of this would have happened without the support of our tribe.

So I'd like to give something back:

And that's a special introductory enrollment fee of just $1997 $997.

Plus, you'll also qualify for free lifetime access to all future curriculum upgrades.

Enroll In The Ultimate Success Masterclass NOW


1 Payment of $1997 $997 or 6 Payments of $169.99

Frequently Asked Questions

In the past, new students were required to wait for the start of each new intake before they could proceed. Based on popular demand we have now removed this requirement, so you're free to start the very second you're ready.

The curriculum is divided into 12 modules, each focusing on a unique element of the Ultimate Success Formula. Each module will take just a couple hours to complete, and you're free to study each one at your own pace. Aside from your lessons, you'll also have tools and Mastery exercises that take just a few minutes a day. So yes, there is some time commitment involved as you progress through the curriculum. But as the vast majority of our students will tell you, the personal breakthroughs and epiphanies you'll experience through USM make it one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself. Plus, USM will optimize your habits, focus, energy and productivity so that you ultimately become far less busy and stressed than before.

You should expect to become a far better manifestor. You'll become more creative and intuitive. You'll become more in tune with your feelings, your passions and your desires. You'll connect better with people, have greater empathy and be more persuasive. You'll be more aligned with the vibrations of your surroundings, and you'll gain a sense of 'harmony' with the world around you. In a nutshell, all the personal growth and neuroscientific and psychological tools you get will elevate your mind, body and spirit to peak condition… and you'll grow into one of those people that others see as an inspiration and as proof that human potential is truly limitless. Then, what you do with this newfound power is totally up to you - maybe you'll use it to get ahead in your career? Your finances? Your love life or social circle? Or even just in your relationship with yourself? The possibilities are infinite.

Absolutely! You can get started for just $169.99 today followed by only 5 more monthly payments of $169.99. This way, it’s affordable to get in and get started today without having to fork out the full amount.

You get instant access to the entire 12-part USM curriculum. You get a set of teleseminars and Mastery Exercises to deepen your results for each module, and keep you on the right track. You get lifetime access to our private USM membership site, where you get exclusive access to me and the global community. Plus you get two free bonuses worth $661, and a nearly 75% unconditional discount when you join TODAY.

That's what the 60-day money back guarantee is for. You can try out USM for a full 60 days - that's TWO whole months - and get a full refund for any reason whatsoever. Even if it's because you just can't find the time to go through the modules. You've really got nothing to lose here.

Got more questions?
Email us at [email protected] for a quick and friendly answer.

Enroll In The Ultimate Success Masterclass NOW


1 Payment of $1997 $997 or 6 Payments of $169.99