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Experience The Scientifically Proven "6-Minute Brain Workout" That Instantly Supercharges Your Mind For Peak Productivity, Creativity, Intuition & Manifesting Power

Just press PLAY, and let Mind Movies Matrix technology reprogram your subconscious mind for optimal performance in any area of life


A message from Mind Movies founder Natalie Ledwell, to the Conscious Creator in search of a more abundant, joyful & fulfilling life (but can't quite figure out what's missing)...

I was this close to headbutting my computer screen, as my email inbox chimed with the same canned response yet again:

"Thank you for your enquiry, Morry's team will respond to you shortly."

I gritted my teeth, and glanced at the wall calendar.

At this point it was close to two months that I had been tracking Morry Zelcovitch...


A mysterious scientist with the know-how to switch on breathtaking creativity, intuition, healing and peak performance in virtually anyone he met.

A man with such deep mastery of the human mind, the Brazilian government had hired him to design a superhuman training curriculum for their police force.

A man I simply could not get a hold of, no matter how many phone calls, voice messages or emails I sent.

Why the manhunt?

Because after nearly a decade of working with the greatest minds in personal growth and mind science...

Everyone around me just couldn't stop talking about
Morry Zelcovitch!



But before I tell you more about Morry, it's crucial you know who I am and why I'm writing to you...

My name is Natalie Ledwell, and I'm the co-founder of Mind Movies:

One of the world's top mind optimization technologies that has helped over 5.8 million people transform their lives from the inside out...

All through the power of visualization and subconscious reprogramming.

Since even before Mind Movies, I've committed much of my life to uncovering just how powerful the human mind really is...


And how to harness that power to overcome the inner blocks holding us back from greatness in every area of life.

So when I learned the real reason my peers and mentors couldn't stop talking about Morry... well there's no surprise I developed a fascination for him.

You see...

Morry had found a way to engineer specific sounds...
that guide the human mind into states of otherwise unreachable awareness and empowerment.


Morry is the world's FIRST certified engineer in this field, known as brainwave entrainment...

And its power, especially in the hands of a visionary like Morry, is life-changing.

For instance:

Brainwave entrainment has been shown to increase the brain's production of chemicals that promote anti-aging and peak mental performance.

Brainwave entrainment is scientifically proven to help manage a wide range of mind-related ailments - including depression, sleep disorders, stress and even headaches.

A 1997 study recommended brainwave entrainment as an all-natural focus booster for children with ADHD.

One study found brainwave entrainment to have a 98% success rate in reducing the painful and uncomfortable effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in women.

Multiple studies have observed enhanced memory, verbal and non-verbal skills, creativity, attention, learning ability and even intelligence in those who regularly use brainwave entrainment.

And even forward-thinking governments and military organizations (like the Brazilian military police I just mentioned) are harnessing brainwave entrainment to train smarter, faster, stronger, more productive teams.


The more I learned about the sheer transformative power of Morry's research, the more I came to realize an exciting possibility:

If on our own Morry and I were already helping millions of people...

By working together, could we create a breakthrough in the way people work with their own minds?

I believe you're here because you need this breakthrough I'm talking about.

In fact I'm 99% certain you share one thing in common with most people who arrive at our virtual doorstep:

You already KNOW that the answers and the strength to achieve your goals, and triumph over your challenges...

Are already inside you.

And yet for some reason, this inner power either doesn't come to you often enough; only appearing in flashes if you're lucky...

While at other times, it stays just out of your reach, like a forgotten word on the tip of your tongue.

In other words...

There's a painful DISCONNECT between the reality you know you could have... and the reality you're settling for.

And with each passing day, this disconnect is robbing you of:

  • * Wealth and achievements worthy of your potential...
  • * The time and freedom to live on your own terms...
  • * The health and fitness you were born to have...
  • * And even more loving and fulfilling relationships.

What's more, maybe you've tried to heal this disconnect in the past...

Through personal growth practices like meditation. Or the Law of Attraction. Or maybe even through classic methods like goal setting and positive thinking.

So when some other 'lucky' people seem to be making waves in their lives... why aren't you?

Why are you still stuck a little more often than you'd like?

And why are you still searching for the one answer that could change everything for you?

My students (even my most successful ones) had asked me questions like these many times...

And Morry's research had me convinced he knew the answers -

If only I could just find him!

And then, my lucky break happened...

Through a mutual friend I finally got a hold of Morry's partner in Asia... who cautiously gave me his private email address.

(I had to spend some time reassuring this guy that we weren't stealing Morry from him...)

So I sent Morry a personal email introducing myself and my idea to bring our findings together.

You can imagine the rush I got from his short but promising reply:

"Sounds good... but can I try your 'Mind Movies' first? Just to be sure you're the real deal?"

Hold on a second, what exactly are Mind Movies?

On the surface, a Mind Movie looks like a fun 3-minute video full of positive images and upbeat music.

But under the hood, it's actually a powerful mind optimization tool that harnesses the power of visualization to program your subconscious mind with the outcomes you want in life...

So your mind can then magnetize those outcomes into your reality.

The incredible power of the subconscious mind is the key to this process.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton points out in his bestselling book The Biology of Belief...

While the conscious mind can process 40 bits of data per second, the subconscious mind can process 40 million bits!

The rushes of clarity... creativity... personal power... intuition and self-awareness that come from using Mind Movies have helped millions of people accomplish incredible things in their lives...

From breakthroughs in their careers and finances...

To healthier, fitter, more energetic bodies and minds...

To solutions to some of their life's toughest challenges...

To even finding their soulmates and connecting deeper with the people around them.

I knew from experience that Mind Movies could change the life of anyone who used it.

So I literally jumped for joy when Morry called me a few weeks later and said...

"We need to work together... immediately!"

Days later, I hopped on a flight to meet Morry in his 'secret lair'.

(It's so secret I can't even tell you where it is!)

Then, over the course of an afternoon, in his Einstein-esque office with books stacked to the ceiling...

I laid out the technology behind Mind Movies to Morry as he explained the science of brainwave entrainment to me.

And in just a few short hours, Morry proved to me that...

At the heart of this science is the phenomenon of brain waves.

You see, like gears in a car, the human mind shifts into a unique brainwave frequency depending on what you're doing at any given time:

Beta: your normal waking state, you're probably in Beta as you are reading this.

Alpha: a state of deep relaxation and absorption, common when you're meditating or taking a relaxing hot bath.

Delta: associated with deep sleep, and a state of unfiltered absorption common in infants - you're in this state when you're in the womb.

Theta: after infancy, toddlers transition to Theta, a state of maximum absorption where the mind is in peak learning mode. Also accessible through deep meditation.

Brainwave entrainment conditions you with specific beats and frequencies that match your ideal brainwave state...

And synchronize your brain cells to the desired frequency.

The result?

Your brain releases a unique set of chemicals that travel throughout your body and mind, bringing you into a state of either maximum relaxation, absorption or self-awareness.

In the cases of Delta or Theta brainwave-focused entrainment, it's even possible to re-enter that same receptive state of your infancy and childhood, and absorb new information like a sponge.

After hours of poring over all this information, Morry and I realized what we must do:

We decided to experiment on combining Morry's brainwave
entrainment technology...
with Mind Movies' visualization technology.

Here's how it works:

First, the brainwave entrainment stimulates your brain's neuro-chemicals to bring you into an optimal state of CLARITY and OPENNESS; where resistance, stress and negativity can no longer touch you.

Then, once your mind is in this optimal state of allowing, the Mind Movies visualization is free to penetrate DEEP into your subconscious and stay there, giving you instant, powerful and lasting personal transformation.

As we started experimenting using this new blend of technology for just a few minutes a day, both on ourselves and our students...

We realized the groundbreaking positive effects were far beyond anything we'd ever experienced in the past. For instance:

You don't just get short breaks from the stress and anxiety of your daily life, like you do with traditional meditation or visualization... you actually find yourself in a state of permanent calmness and clarity (example: I used to be an angry driver, but now when someone cuts me off, my reflex emotion is to feel grateful for avoiding an accident!)

You don't just gain better control of your daily habits and actions... you actually find yourself naturally choosing what's best for your body, mind and bank account. This is a fantastic way to achieve any goal your own willpower has ever held you back from - like losing weight or kicking that procrastination habit.

The unpredictable waves of self-doubt and negativity that in the past may have stopped you from showing up or performing at your peak... have now been replaced with an unshakeable sense of personal power and positivity - meaning you're always moving confidently towards your financial, career and personal goals, no matter what the world throws at you.

The qualities you need to get the upper hand in your work and relationships, like creativity, intuition, intelligence and empathy, no longer just come to you in flashes... you actually become consistently better at solving problems, manifesting creative ideas, connecting with people, and leaving your friends and co-workers wondering - "wow, how did you do that???"

One fascinating 'side effect' is that you notice far more positive coincidences gravitating into your life with astonishing consistency... as your surroundings start aligning with your mind's higher vibrations. Whether it's chance encounters with long-lost friends, or financial or career opportunities falling on your lap.

And even children who previously couldn't concentrate on traditional learning enhancement tools... are now noticeably calmer, morefocused, engaged and creative both at home and at school.

... all thanks to this marriage of two powerful peak performance technologies!

The equation is simple:

Brainwave Entrainment + Visualization =
Every cell in your mind finally working FOR you instead
of AGAINST you.

And because Morry and I would love nothing more than to prove this to you... we've spent the past few years engineering and tweaking this technology to perfection.

From sleepless nights in the sound engineering studio...

To back-and-forths with our programmers and audio engineers...

To studies, surveys and focus groups with our students and friends from all walks of life...

We are now finally ready to give you:

Mind Movies Matrix is a groundbreaking treasure chest of Mind Movies, laced with powerful brainwave entrainment technology that elevates the four most crucial areas of your life.

Like normal Mind Movies... Matrix Mind Movies harness powerful visualization and affirmation technologies to reprogram your subconscious and bring your goals into reality.

But unlike normal Mind Movies... Matrix Mind Movies are also laced with Morry Zelcovitch's brainwave entrainment and subliminal technologies that dramatically enhance your results by guiding your brainwaves into a more focused, productive and empowered state.

3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening is all you need...

The effects of the technology keep working on your subconscious throughout the day and night, even when you're not watching your Matrix Mind Movies.

Mind Movies Matrix is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between...

Just 9 years ago, Natalie Ledwell and her partner Glen launched Mind Movies as a way to share their video-making software with fellow Law of Attraction enthusiasts. Today Mind Movies has grown into a global human potential movement, with multiple peak performance tools powered by space-age mind science technology, and over 5.8 million students worldwide. Our next goal is to touch 10 million lives, and we believe partnering with luminaries like Morry Zelcovitch will help us get there.

Brainwave entrainment visionary
Morry Zelcovitch

Morry Zelcovitch is an avid researcher of the human mind, and the world's first certified brainwave entrainment engineer. He specializes in engineering specific sounds that regulate human brainwaves, and guide the mind into a state of peak creativity, allowing and relaxation. Many of the world's top academics, professionals, corporations and governments seek out Morry's technology to create better performers and teams - and this is the first time he's sharing his methods outside of his private client and student circle.

Here's what you get in your Mind Movies Matrix system:

4x Brainwave Entrainment Matrix Mind Movies, one for each area of life. These combine Morry's potent brainwave entrainment sounds with the visuals and subconscious suggestions of a classic Mind Movie.

All you need to do is watch it first thing in the morning for just 3 minutes with headphones, and let the sounds and visuals imprint themselves onto your subconscious. This primes you for peak performance throughout the day.

4x Subliminal Matrix Mind Movies, one for each area of life. These are similar to your Matrix Mind Movies, except they replace brainwave entrainment sounds with upbeat music and millions of subtle yet powerful subliminal suggestions designed to burrow deep into your subconscious and program you for your desired outcome. Just watch for 3 minutes in the evening.

4x 60-Minute Subliminal Audios you can listen to at any time for a positive boost to your emotions, thoughts and manifesting power. Go ahead and play one while you're working, on your lunch break or even when you're commuting to work - you'll look forward to melting into the relaxing voice and sounds of nature we've recorded them with.

1x Soothing Sleep Meditation Audio (comes in a guided and unguided version). This meditation calms and prepares your mind not only for restful sleep... but conditions it to accumulate inspiration, energy and purpose to achieve your specific goal, while you're asleep.

Just a few minutes of your Sleep Meditation Audio will help you shift to a lower gear, without losing the connection to your highest states of inspiration and creativity.

How Mind Movies Matrix elevates the
4 key areas of your life:

Manifesting wealth & achievement Matrix Mind Movie set:

Empowers you with the beliefs, behaviors and emotions of the world's wealthiest and most successful people, and erases the ones sabotaging your earnings and achievements.

Enhancing & deepening relationships Matrix Mind Movie set:

Less misunderstandings and arguments, and more empathy and positivity with your spouse, co-workers, kids and family members.

Weight loss & optimal health Matrix Mind Movie set:

Shakes off unhealthy habits and develops autopilot habits for eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle - even if nothing has worked for you in the past.

Finding or nurturing the perfect partner Matrix Mind Movie set:

Grows you into the person your perfect partner wants to be with and/or returns the excitement, fulfillment and joy to your existing relationship.

The Mind Movies Matrix program is the best and greatest weapon to aid one towards a life of abundance.

"With only limited time each week to watch the morning videos, I am already seeing a change with an increase in abundance and magnetic attraction, especially to the opposite sex and a serenity and calmness in my day to day activities. I have been communicating online with the most beautiful woman that I have great love and adoration for and who loves me for me. I am extremely sure that she is my soulmate. I am quitting my current job that I dislike and will be marketing online within the next 10 days. I firmly believe that the Mind Movies Matrix is the best solution to change one's mindset and have abundance in one's life."

- Karel Crk

I've manifested a new DREAM job with a big pay rise, new car, $10,000 from an unexpected source.

"With Mind Movies Matrix, I've manifested a new DREAM job with a big pay rise, new car, $10,000 from an unexpected source, dream home that came as part of the new job, and a
further $9,000 in cash. All of this in around 7 months."

- Andrew Temple

Why we're obsessed with making Mind Movies Matrix as affordable as possible:

Mind Movies Matrix is more than just a training course to us - it's a movement.

In fact, we believe that if we can get this technology out to enough people...

Everyone from schools to corporations to entire industries will use it to groom better students; better employees, entrepreneurs and inventors; and better leaders, visionaries, and thinkers.

And what happens when all these people start waking up to what they're really capable of?

Our planet wakes up too!

That's why even though we've spent years of our time and hundreds of thousands of R&D dollars...

Our goal is to make Mind Movies Matrix as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

And so even though we could easily charge at least $3,000 for the Mind Movies Matrix system, and sell it as a premium training curriculum to those who can afford it...

We're not going to.

In fact the Mind Movies Matrix system won't even cost you four figures.

Neither is it $800, or $600, or even $400.

The introductory retail price for Mind Movies Matrix is just $297 or two easy installments of $178.99

Take note: we reserve the right to raise this price at any time to cover our operating
costs - so the only way to lock it in is to order right now.

Get the best possible price on the Mind Movies Matrix System.

There is no other way to get this level of personal transformation at
this level of affordability and convenience.

Not through time-consuming books and training courses with questionable quality.

Not through painfully expensive personal coaching.

Not even through any of the existing brainwave entrainment and peak performance technologies available today.

For the price of a couple nice dinners, we're giving you the keys to a lifetime of peak productivity, clarity, creativity and intuition.

And if that's not already a no-brainer, how about this:

Order now and get two FREE bonuses worth $693:

BONUS 1: 12 months access to the Subliminal Success Accelerator monthly mentorship program (worth $444)

The Subliminal Success Accelerator (SSA) is our premiere monthly mentorship program.

Each month, SSA members receive exclusive life-sculpting tips, tools and training not available anywhere else, including live monthly coaching calls, subliminal audios by Morry himself, and other mind-expanding goodies.

Access to SSA is normally $37 per month. But when you get Mind Movies Matrix today, you'll get 12 months ON US! Yes, that's a $444 bonus you're getting absolutely free!

BONUS 2: Uncut footage of our closed-door Mind Mastery World Summit Seminar (worth $249)

The Mind Mastery World Summit is one of the most respected and exclusive events in the field of personal growth.

This free digital video package gives you enough high-end video training to fit 11 DVDs - including presentations from Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, John Assaraf, T. Harv Eker and much, much more.

(Please note we won't be sending you any DVDs - instead you'll get instant access through our private online membership site.)

Your Unconditional "Into The Matrix" Guarantee

Mind Movies Matrix is a new mind optimization technology that is working incredibly well for a small but growing group of students.

That said, I completely understand if you're nervous or hesitant about trying it out - it is new after all!

That's why Morry and I are more than happy to let you try the entire Matrix system for up to one year before deciding if it's for you.

If it works like we say it does - then whoa has your life changed forever.

If it works even half or a quarter as well as we say it does, you still come out way on top.

And if it doesn't for whatever reason; in fact even if you just change your mind or can't find the time to use it, email us within one year at [email protected] for a full, fast and friendly refund.

So go ahead, dive into the Matrix. You've got nothing to lose except the subconscious blocks holding you back.

I've been watching/listening to the "Mind Movies Matrix" for a couple weeks now and I really feel like I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

"I just would like to Thank YOU ALL for creating "Mind Movies Matrix" - I LOVE IT!! I also purchased "Mind Movies" previously and I really believe "Mind Movies Matrix" has got everything I need and believe it is going to help me change some limiting beliefs!! I'd LOVE to INSPIRE others and let them know that I've been watching/listening to the "Mind Movies Matrix" for a couple weeks now and I really feel like I CAN DO ANYTHING!! For me ... it's really about feeling "worthy/deserving" and trusting that financial abundance is here NOW and more is ALWAYS on it's way to me! I AM now taking the action - I started in January and know, like I know, like I know that as long as I TRUST IN GOD & the Universe, watch/listen to my "Mind Movies Matrix" and take the ACTION, I can do ANYTHING!! Thanks again to all of you for your passion about helping people with all these great tools!

- Karen Golday

I love the subliminal for the evening, and I sleep like a baby!

"I love the Mind Movies Matrix! I just started watching the videos and using the subliminal, but I can already feel a difference in my mood and level of excitement! I love the subliminal for the evening, & I sleep like a baby! Looking forward to more results the longer I make this part of my everyday life!

- Ana Meeker

I have just had one complete calendar month at work without a day off sick - my first in six months.

"Imagine me dancing and singing this... I've done it, I'm happy, I'm proud of myself! I have just had one complete calendar month at work without a day off sick - my first in six months. I'm feeling fitter, healthier, slimmer (I've dropped a dress size and about 10kg with it). Releasing weight was not my primary goal. I just wanted my health back. I don't know for sure how much I have released as I haven't weighed myself but I feel GREAT!!! I love me. I thank me, making the required dietary changes has been sooo easy. Thank you Mind Movies, Morry and tapping."

- Lisa Eden

A message from Morry Zelcovitch to future Matrix students:

Science is more my thing, writing not so much!

Nevertheless I am humbled by your interest in our technology - and after all those years in labs, libraries, sound studios and focus groups, I can't wait to show you what we've created.

When you start experiencing the benefits of Mind Movies Matrix, which could be in a few days or weeks after starting to use it, you'll realize just how special it is.

This isn't the kind of surface level personal growth that gives you a temporary high with little to show for it in the long run.

Instead, Matrix is about triggering deep transformations in your brain's operating system.

It's about upgrading the thoughts, emotions and habits that come to you on autopilot.

It's about making you a better decision maker, problem solver and manifestor.

And it's about empowering your brain to 'wake up' and start creating the life you want, instead of just letting life happen to you.

The beauty of Matrix is that all these benefits happen with no conscious effort on your part...

And that includes the time it takes to start enjoying them.

You see as busy entrepreneurs and researchers ourselves, one of our biggest objectives was to make Matrix so quick and simple, even someone as busy as the President of the United States could still use it daily.

So as we developed Matrix, Natalie and I stuck a sign on the wall that said 'UNDER 10 MINUTES A DAY'... and we successfully brought it down to just 6!

All things considered, our promise to you is straightforward:

When you give Mind Movies Matrix just 6 minutes a day, it will reward you with deep and profound personal transformation... all on autopilot!

In other words, we've already done the hard work...

And all you need to do now is press PLAY.

Morry Zelcovitch

She started out seeking money, but found her soulmate instead

Esmée's original goal with Mind Movies Matrix was to focus on manifesting more money into her life, but her intuition quickly advised her otherwise.

"I first needed to get some blocking thought patterns out of the way with regards to relationships," she explains, " they were inextricably interlaced with my unconscious beliefs about money and success."

Within five weeks of using the Perfect Partner set for just a few minutes a day, Esmée came face-to-face with the impossible:

"I had more or less given up hope to ever meet somebody worthwhile, and I have ample experience with relationships," said Esmée. "But this man was really something else."

"This wonderful man and I, we’re one of a kind - there are no insecurities, no doubts, just this feeling of finally coming home.

We think along the same lines, we share the same values, we know what the other is thinking... I see his soul and he sees mine - and this is the first time I know I am being loved for being myself, imperfections and all. Even my 6-year-old son has been in love with this man from day one."

Now that Esmée has got her relationship base covered, she's moving onto the Manifesting Wealth & Achievement set!

Why knowledge alone is not power (and what is)

You probably know that famous movie with the same name as our mind optimization technology...

One of my favorite lines from The Matrix is when our hero Neo's mentor, Morpheus, reminds him of the uncomfortable truth about knowledge.

He says, with that trademark zen look on his face:

"There is a difference between knowing the path... and walking the path."

Now that you've come this far, you already know how easy it is to retune yourself for greater achievement, affluence and well-being.

But will you choose to walk down this path?

Will you take the red pill... harness Matrix's remarkable technology... and wake up to who you really are, and what you're really capable of?

Or will you choose to go back to sleep, and do your best to block out the thousands of "what ifs?" from your thoughts?

I believe in you.

And I believe your heart and your mind already know what you must do.

The only question left is - will you take that first step?

How to get started with Mind Movies Matrix:

Once you've completed your order, follow the instructions in your confirmation email, and login to your Mind Movies Matrix private membership area.
In your membership area you'll find all your Mind Movies Matrix resources and bonuses. Just pick the area of life you want to focus on first, then play it online or download to your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Keep using your Mind Movies Matrix for at least 6 minutes per day, and take note of the positive changes in your habits, emotions and beliefs in the coming weeks and months.

Frequently Asked Questions

I remember the first time Morry worked his brainwave entrainment technology into a Mind Movie, and played it for me.

My first reaction was actually: is that it?

The thing about Mind Movies Matrix is it goes deep into your subconscious... but on a conscious level it takes no effort whatsoever, except for just you concentrating on it for a few minutes.

So is it hard? Absolutely not! All you need to do is first choose the area of life you want to work on. Remember the 4 areas are:

1) Attracting wealth & achievement
2) Enhancing & deepening relationships
3) Weight loss & optimal health
4) Finding or nurturing the perfect partner

Then, you just use the Mind Movies Matrix set that corresponds to that area of life.

You've got your 3-minute Matrix Mind Movie for the morning; these are laced with Morry's brainwave entrainment technology, and it's really quite amazing how they absorb positive messages into your subconscious mind, and how this short 3-minute experience can keep you in peak condition all day.

Then in the evening, you turn up your speakers and listen to your 3-minute Subliminal Mind Movie that embeds millions of positive subliminal commands to sustain your peak condition.

Plus you've got subliminal audios you can use as a booster for anytime throughout the day, and a sleep meditation audio to lock in your subconscious 'workout' even while you sleep.

The entire system is super simple, super efficient, and yet surprisingly transformational. Anyone can use it, whether you're 8 or 80.

The results you get depend on the area of life you want to focus on.

But generally, it boils down to highly noticeable upgrades in the quality of your thoughts, emotions, habits... and amazingly, even the people and circumstances you attract into your life.

Let me give you an example.

If you decide to focus on the wealth portion of the system, which is what many people do, then you can expect to find yourself developing an 'instinct' for abundance and achievement.

You'll find your old habits and emotions that caused you to lose money will start melting away... like fear or procrastination or hesitation to make investments.

You'll also find yourself more productive and focused at work, and even getting along better with your clients, co-workers and your boss.

Plus you'll notice many more abundant opportunities, people and 'coincidences' start gravitating into your life...

And what this really means is that the Universe itself starts aligning with the vibrations of your upgraded subconscious thoughts.

It's not unusual for my students to report getting a bonus or a raise out of nowhere...

Or a surprise check in the mail...

Or a chance encounter with someone who ends up offering you a lucrative new job or even your dream career.

Apart from wealth, you'll find many more experiences from our students on this page; each with their own unique goals and outcomes.

As for how soon all this happens?

That really depends on where you're at and where you want to be. Each person's subconscious and neurological development is different.

But generally, it should take you anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to start seeing meaningful changes in your thinking patterns, habits and emotions.

Remember though, this doesn't mean changes aren’t taking place even way before you start noticing.

Think of it like a seed that's been planted - you only see it once it sprouts, but that doesn't mean changes aren't happening beneath the surface.

Trust me, I completely understand if you're concerned about the price!

Because yes, on the surface, $297 for a set of audios and videos does seem like a lot of money.

But the thing is...

You're not really investing in a set of audios and videos.

You're not really investing in another personal growth home training program.

And you're not even investing in the technology behind those audios, which we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of our lives to develop.

What you're investing in are the results Mind Movies Matrix will create for you.

You're investing in the subconscious 'upgrade', which will in turn open up all sorts of wins, breakthroughs, opportunities and outcomes in every area of life that matters to you.

When you see it that way, can you really say you can't afford this investment?

Wouldn't you invest $297 to earn more money and perform better in your career for the rest of your life? To get healthier and lose weight? To find or nurture your soul mate? Or to connect better with the people who matter?

All these outcomes are priceless, and Mind Movies Matrix would still be a no-brainer even if it was ten times the price.

And remember, if you need a more affordable payment plan, you can opt for two easy monthly payments of $178.99.

Look, investing in yourself is the best kind of investment you can make. More so than any vacation you can take, or car you can buy, or nice dinner you can eat.

I remember back before Mind Movies blew up, my partner Glen and I were struggling!

We had trouble paying the office rent... we could barely hire any staff... and we went many months without paying ourselves a cent.

But you know what we always set aside money for?


We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on workshops, books, training programs and technology to help us get to our peak, and stay there.

Why? Because we knew that's what would ultimately make or break not just our business, but our lives.

The investment paid off for us, and I know it will pay off for you too. So don't worry about the price.

Remember, all you need is just 6 minutes a day, and it's not even six tough minutes... but six relaxing and enjoyable minutes.

Look, no matter how busy you are, I'm sure you can set aside 6 minutes a day. Anyone can, even if it just means checking Facebook for a few minutes less, or getting up just 3 minutes earlier than usual.

And the beauty of it is, once you start optimizing your subconscious, you'll find yourself get less and less busy.

Why? Because the habits, autopilot actions and stray thoughts that once sucked up so much of your time start to disappear, and you become a far more efficient and productive person

You'll need a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to play your Mind Movies on. It works on pretty much any brand or operating system.

You'll also need headphones for your Matrix Mind Movies, and speakers for your Subliminal Mind Movies.

You get a Matrix Mind Movie and a Subliminal Mind Movie for each of the 4 categories I mentioned earlier, which is wealth, relationships, weight loss & health, and finding the perfect partner.

Meaning you've got 4 unique Matrix Mind Movies, and 4 unique Subliminal Mind Movies.

You also get an audio version of the Subliminal Mind Movies that you can listen to when you're working, or doing housework, or even commuting.

Plus you get the Sleep Meditation Audio for a subconscious workout even when you sleep.

And then of course there are the bonuses that give you an even deeper personal transformation experience.

And remember, everything here is covered by our unconditional 12 months money back guarantee that removes any risk in you trying this out.

Mind Movies Matrix is the perfect complement to your Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit; in fact it will give you even better, faster and deeper results.

Because while the Creation Kit allows you to design your own Mind Movies for highly specific and personalized goals, Matrix gives you a set of premade ones focusing on four essential areas of life that are crucial to your happiness, abundance and wellbeing - meaning you've got both your personal goals and your universal goals covered.

In addition, the brainwave entrainment and subliminal technology infused into your Matrix Mind Movies will give you a uniquely immersive experience that is both different yet immediately familiar to your Creation Kit Mind Movies.

As for how to use them, we recommend using your Matrix Mind Movies for 3 minutes in the morning and evening, and tapping into your personalized Creation Kit Mind Movies in the middle of the day. You can also try different Mind Movies on alternating days. What's important is that you create a pattern for your subconscious mind to latch onto, so it can start building new empowering neural pathways as quickly as possible.

That's exactly why we're giving you the 12 months money back guarantee.

I'm not even asking you to decide now, I'm asking you to try Mind Movies Matrix for up to one year, which is more than enough time to see if the upgrades you experience in your life are worth at least 100 times more than your investment.

If they're not for whatever reason, in fact even if you just can't find the time to get started on the system, just email us at [email protected], and we'll give you a quick and full refund, no questions asked. You even get to keep the bonuses as my way of saying thanks for giving it a shot.

There is no absolutely no reason not to try our Mind Movies Matrix for yourself. The science is solid, the results are proven, and the offer is 100% risk free. I am so ready to do this with you, so let's get started...

Got any more questions? Email us at [email protected] for a quick and friendly answer.

Mind Movies superfan harnesses Matrix to accelerate personal transformation on the inside and out

When Gail Pence decided to try Mind Movies Matrix, she already owned the Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit, and had graduated from our Ultimate Success Masterclass.

To her, Mind Movies Matrix was a "booster" that would quicken the positive changes she was already enjoying through our other programs and technology.

"Since using Mind Movies Matrix, everything in my life is vibrating in and moving in a positive direction," says Gail. "I am energized, sleeping better, accomplishing more every day, and focusing my time and attention on my wealth and career, although there are positive manifestations happening in every area of my life."

Gail has even started receiving compliments from strangers telling her how great she looks, and how much they enjoy her positive personality.

"I know this is coming from the inner changes taking place as I immerse myself in all these fabulous tools," she explains. "Mind Movies Matrix utilizes cutting edge science that expedites the changes taking place in the brain and in your life."

Since focusing on other areas of her life, Gail has also lost 5 lbs in two weeks (with no conscious effort!), and experienced unexpected sums of money coming to her.

She adds:

"My suggestion to anyone wanting to make permanent and positive changes in their lives and the lives of others is to run, not walk, to your computer and get these fabulous tools to achieve your dreams."