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Latest Episodes

Melanie Benson, Cindy Ertman, Susan Leahy, and Zhena Muzyka

06: Just One Of The Girls with Melanie Benson, Cindy Ertman, Susan Leahy, and Zhena Muzyka

You are sure in for a treat because I not only have one guest, but four amazing guests on this episode: Melanie Benson, Cindy Ertman, Susan Leahy, and Zhena Muzyka. All of whom are incredibly talented business owners, empowering leaders, and some of my dearest friends. We’re talking all about female friendships and what empowering women to be their best selves really looks like in a friendship. Pour yourself a glass a wine and be prepared to laugh with us as we share our experiences.

Carol Allen

05: All Aboard The Love Train with Carol Allen

In this episode, we’re talking all about L-O-V-E! My guest, relationship coach Carol Allen, uses the traditional Indian study of Vedic Astrology to not only help us navigate our love life but to equally help us understand what makes us who we really are. And when it comes to dating and relationships, we’re going to get to the bottom of why it’s so important to release the idea that everything is our fault – a common misconception in the dating world. We’re going to talk about what men want from

Brittany Watkins

04: Subconscious Weight Loss Blockers with Brittany Watkins

Today we’re talking all about emotional eating, food cravings, and all the behaviors we experience when it comes to body image. If you’re someone who exercises and eats healthy, but just can’t figure out why you’re not seeing the results you want, then this episode is for you! Join us as we get to the bottom of why our subconscious minds could truly be working against us, and learn how to uncover the magic formula for long term weight loss success and optimal health.

Roylin Downs

03: Talking Sex, Sex, Sex with Roylin Downs

Sexual empowerment coach, Roylin Downs, is talking all about sex, and specifically, sex after a certain age. So rather than our sex-drive driving us, she shares why it’s now our responsibility to drive IT! From choosing the right sex toys, to understanding that you’re not broken if you don’t achieve orgasm during intercourse, get cozy as we dive into some oh-so-exciting conversation on taking responsibility for your own pleasure.

Krisstina Wise

02: Win The Money Game with Krisstina Wise

Money. That 5-letter word that doesn’t just buy you things, but happens to be an applied skill you can use to achieve financial freedom. Real-estate mogul and wealth expert, Krisstina Wise, shows us just how to win the money game and the ways to quantify it so you feel confident and knowledgeable.

Sheri Salata

01: Because You Are Worthy with Sheri Salata

Are you mistaking achievement for worthiness? Join Natalie as she chats with Sheri Salata, former president of Harpo Productions and co-president of Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), about what it means to really feel and be worthy, and discover the radical self-care we all need in order to design the life we want, even post-career!