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Latest Episodes

65: A Busy Woman’s Guide To Meditation

Do you have a regular meditation practice? Are you looking to enhance your existing one? Well, in this episode, Natalie is sharing her personal tips and recommendations for embracing the spiritual art of meditation. Everything from reducing stress to revitalizing your day, Natalie explains exactly how meditation has been so instrumental in her quality of life and, even if you don’t know where to begin, how meditating for just 5 minutes a day can significantly improve your life for the better.

64: Natalie’s Favorite Things

This week, Natalie is providing quite the treat! She’s sharing some of her favorite things that just so happen to make life that much easier. Everything from food, travel, and even wine, get ready to learn about the items and products that helped her navigate the first year of the pandemic. Whether they’re organic, biodynamic, or simply good for the soul, her personal recommendations are sure to aid in boosting your overall wellness.

63: Reclaim Your Right To Grow Old with Kathleen O’Brien

After researching aging for over 12 years and teaching her aging philosophy through the University of Denver's continuing education program, Kathleen O'Brien has quite the interesting take on what it means to grow old. And in this episode, she is sharing her wisdom on the importance of leaning into this role instead of doing all that you can to stay young. Get ready to feel more empowered than ever as you reclaim your right to grow old.

62: How I Manifested Love

Natalie Ledwell discusses how she was able to manifest the man of her dreams, who is everything she asked for, and more. She’s sharing her personal step-by-step formula to getting clear on the kind of love life that is possible when you do the inner work to first clear out those pesky limiting beliefs. Get ready to feel inspired to go after the love you crave in one of our most candid episodes yet, from the manifesting queen herself.

61: Dethroning Your Inner Critic with Joanna Kleinman

Life and corporate coach, best-selling author, and Psychotherapist for over 25 years, Joanna Kleinman, is here to show us how to dethrone our stubborn inner critic. We’ll take a closer look at her M.I.N.D Method program, used to show women how to separate themselves from the inner voice that tends to govern our daily lives. Get ready for lots of actionable takeaways and tools you can use to navigate that voice inside our minds to help us live a juicy, meaningful, and passionate life.

60: Living An Unstoppable Life with Sandra Biskind

Global thought leader, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author Sandra Biskind is living proof that our energetic frequency has the power to magnetize the people, places, and things that fulfill our greatest lives. She explains the importance and meaning of why we must do the inner work to show up as the best versions of ourselves in order to let our divine creativity flourish. So get ready for an enlightening, high-frequency conversation on living an unstoppable life!