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Latest Episodes

Arielle Ford

29: Why Now Is The Best Time To Find Love with Arielle Ford

The cupid of consciousness, aka Arielle Ford, devotes her life to helping women find love, and during this episode reveals why the current times happen to be the best time ever to find your soulmate. She shares the best-kept ways to master online dating like a pro, plus she also shares some safety tips and red flags to look out for on your journey. She’ll show you exactly where to start and how to make sure you’re vibrating at a frequency of big love to magnetize the love you’re looking for.

Jennifer Love

28: How To Create True Wealth with Jennifer Love

According to money therapist, Jennifer Love, midlife is the perfect time to be connected to your values and the legacy you leave behind. And just like she teaches women from all around the world how to create true wealth, in this episode she shares with us the foundations of creating wealth and how to feel empowered by it. We’ll discuss the interconnectedness between our emotions and our wealth awareness, and exactly how women can start to get clear on the legacy they want to leave behind.

Laura DiBenedetto

27: The Six Habits For Bringing Your Dreams to Life with Laura DiBenedetto

Laura DiBenedetto retired at 37 and thought life would be amazing, but she wasn't happy. After success starting her own company at 19, she saw there was more to life than money. She was losing herself, burnt out, and chasing dreams for all the wrong reasons. But after leaning into surrender and learning the science of habits, she's now the best-selling author of The Six Habits: Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life, and in the episode reveals how to use them for a more rewarding life.

Susan Bratton

26: Rediscovering The Midlife Libido with Susan Bratton

Intimacy wellness expert, Susan Bratton, indulges us in an enlightening conversation around the female libido or rather the diminishing libido during midlife. At this time in our lives, our bodies slow down, we lose estrogen, our hormones are often out of whack, and we may feel lost in our sex lives. Susan explains why sex can feel out of alignment at this age and the key secrets to correcting it. Get ready to take back control of your sex life through this empowering conversation!

Shanna Lee

25: Finding Our Soul Purpose with Shanna Lee

Best-selling author and host of the podcast The Soul Frequency Show, Shanna Lee, believes we all have our own individual energetic frequency and getting our energy aligned, especially during the challenging times we are experiencing, is of utmost importance. Why? Well, the answer is purpose. And during this episode, Shanna shares her inspiring story and how pain and surrender can be the catalyst for transformation and stepping into your life’s purpose.

Anita Sanchez

24: The Four Sacred Gifts with Anita Sanchez

Dr. Anita Sanchez, considered an Indigenous Female Elder of the World, is bridging ancient wisdom with our modern way of life, to uplift the global consciousness of the earth. During the episode she shares The Four Sacred Gifts and how to use them as a pathway to our own divinity. After suffering great trauma as a child, Dr. Anita knows what it means to overcome adversity, so if you too are ready to release past trauma and connect back to your true self again, then prepare to be inspired!