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– Karen Schwab


Latest Episodes

97: Setting Healthy Boundaries with Leah Sefor

Leah Sefor is South Africa’s go-to life and relationships expert and she’s educating us on setting healthy boundaries. She sees boundaries as the space in which you can love yourself and someone else simultaneously. And with the unique communication strategies she describes, you'll be able to formulate the right kind of skills to navigate even the toughest conversations. Plus, learn how to use your body as a guide for helping you catch, acknowledge, and address boundaries right when they happen.

96: Journey Beyond Divorce with Karen McMahon

Certified relationship and divorce coach, and founder of Journey Beyond Divorce, Karen McMahon educates us on how to save your relationship. By first learning to turn the lens on yourself, she walks us through her unique approach to realistically navigating even the most high-conflict situations. Plus, she covers some of the key steps in her 12-step divorce recovery program. So if you’re currently navigating divorce or even considering it, you won’t want to miss this episode!

95: Finding The Meaning In Life Transitions with Dr. Frances Yahia

Dr. Frances Yahia is a mental health counselor, archetypal astrologer, akashic records reader, podcast host, and college professor. And this episode tackles life transitions, why they happen, and their special connection to our birth story. Because after being born into a cult filled with coercion, Dr. Frances uncovered that navigating through tough life transitions happens by changing our belief system, not just our behavior, to see long-lasting change. So buckle up because we’re going deep!

94: Natural And Non-Invasive Skin Regeneration with Lana Kerr

Lana Kerr is the CEO of Lumisque Skincare, home of CO2Lift Carboxy Gel, the first/only scientifically-proven gel delivering carboxytherapy, a natural and non-invasive method for skin regeneration. She tells us all about her incredible products and the simple and effective ways you can use them for firmer and more youthful skin, plus as a treatment for total vaginal regeneration!So listen closely because she's also sharing a special discount you can use to get your hands on Lumisque Skincare.

93: Getting Off The Self-Doubt Rollercoaster with Desiree Cocroft

Desiree Cocroft is an empowerment speaker, professional coach, and author of the book Get Your Life Today, and she's revealing why now is the time to feel the fear and do it anyway! Coaching everyone from young students to seasoned entrepreneurs, Desiree has crafted the practical tools and strategies to help you move through fear when taking on new opportunities. She's graciously sharing those tools with us along with specific strategies to rid yourself of self-doubt and welcome empowerment.

92: Unlocking Your Intuition with Julie Reisler

Founder and CEO of Empowered Living, a Life Design and personal development company, master transformational coach, and bestselling author Julie Reisler knows a thing or two about using her intuition to reveal her greatest life yet. And in this episode, we're not only talking about the science of intuition but also exactly how to tap into it and the bodily sensations to look for when your intuition comes through. So get out your journals because you're going to want to take notes on this one!