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Then 4 monthly payments of $59 after your 14 day trial ends. Cancel anytime. Plus you're protected by our 1 year 'no questions asked' money back guarantee

Hi, it's Natalie Ledwell, and I'll get straight to the point...

The response to our Mind Movies Matrix launch has been off the charts.

Seriously, the team and I can barely believe our eyes as thousands of new students keep flooding in.

It's so inspiring to see this many people harnessing Matrix's unique combination of brainwave entrainment and visualization technology... to create their greatest lives from the inside out.

So today we decided... it's time to give back a little something to the community.

You see, after checking in with the community, we realize there are a few reasons some are still holding back on ordering Matrix:

1) Money

Is it worth the price? I'm not sure I can spend the cash.

2) Uncertainty

Can Matrix really help me? Can I spare the time and energy?

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If you're reading this page, you're most likely one of these people too - so the top secret gift we're giving you is...

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Then 4 monthly payments of $59 after your 14 day trial ends. Cancel anytime. Plus you're protected by our 1 year 'no questions asked' money back guarantee

Here's What You Get For Just $1:

*Then 4 monthly payments of $59 after your 14 day trial ends. Cancel anytime. Plus you're protected by our 1 year 'no questions asked' money back guarantee.

Mind Movies Matrix is a treasure chest of Mind Movies focusing on four crucial areas of your life:

Like normal Mind Movies... Matrix Mind Movies harness powerful visualization and affirmation technologies to reprogram your subconscious and bring your goals into reality.

But unlike normal Mind Movies... Matrix Mind Movies are also laced with mind science luminary Morry Zelcovitch's brainwave entrainment and subliminal technologies, that dramatically enhance your results by guiding your brainwaves into a more focused, productive and empowered state.

3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening is all you need... the effects of the technology keep working on your subconscious throughout the day and night, even when you're not watching your Matrix Mind Movies.

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The Subliminal Success Accelerator (SSA) is our premiere monthly mentorship program.

Each month, SSA members receive exclusive life-sculpting tips, tools and training not available anywhere else, including live monthly coaching calls, subliminal audios by Morry himself, and other mind-expanding goodies.

Access to SSA is normally $37 per month. But when you get Mind Movies Matrix for $1 today, you'll get 12 months on us - that's a $444 value.


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The Mind Mastery World Summit is one of the most respected and exclusive events in the field of personal growth.

This free digital video package gives you enough high-end video training to fit 11 DVDs - including presentations from Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, John Assaraf, T. Harv Eker and much, much more.

(Please note we won't be sending you any DVDs - instead you'll get instant access through our private online membership site.)

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Then 4 monthly payments of $59 after your 14 day trial ends. Cancel anytime. Plus you're protected by our 1 year 'no questions asked' money back guarantee

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4. Take note of the changes that begin to happen to your thoughts, emotions, actions and decisions. You'll find yourself automatically gravitating away from the bad habits that once controlled you. Your friends and co-workers will compliment you for being more calm, focused, productive and creative than before. And an abundance of positive 'coincidences' will gravitate into your life, whether it's the right people, circumstances or outcomes - all because you're conditioning your subconscious mind to turn your highest aspirations into your greatest reality.

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Then 4 monthly payments of $59 after your 14 day trial ends. Cancel anytime. Plus you're protected by our 1 year 'no questions asked' money back guarantee