Watch A 3-Minute Movie,
Then Watch Your Dreams
Come True


Mind Movies awakens the power of your subconscious mind,
so you can get unstuck and manifest your goals

"Mind Movies is the gateway to synchronicities, miracles, and opportunities showing up in your life."

Dr Joe Dispenza
NYT Bestselling Author & Neuroscience Researcher

Transform how you think, manifest, and live - with just a few taps of your finger

Imagine pressing PLAY on a 3-minute movie - made by you and for you - and then seeing your life change before your eyes. From your wealth and career, to your health and relationships: every area of life that matters to you, begins to transform for the better. Just like your 3-minute movie said it would.

Thanks to the latest advancements in neuroscience, this kind of technology is now real, and it's right at your fingertips.

When you watch a Mind Movie, your mind breaks free from the self-doubt and negative patterns that may have held you back in the past. And it quickly turns what you're watching, into your new reality.


What if you could make the impossible, possible?

Like reprogramming yourself with the abundant mindset, money magnetism, and bank account of a wealthy person, no matter what your financial situation is like now…

Creating your own opportunities that lead to your dream career, and a fulfilling, passion-driven lifestyle, even if you're now stuck in a soul-crushing job…

Healing yourself of a severe health condition or past trauma, when no treatment, medication, or expert help has worked in the past…

Or even manifesting your ideal partner and fairytale romance out of thin air, even if you've never been lucky in love…

None of these outcomes are impossible. In fact with Mind Movies, countless people worldwide are now achieving them every single day, with only the sheer power of their minds.

The many ways Mind Movies can change your life

Wealth Mindset Manifest more wealth & abundance.
Career Growth Achieve your career goals faster than ever before.
Goal Achievement Reach any goal you set for yourself in record time.
Accelerated Manifestation Manifest your dream life easier than ever before.
Performance & Productivity Get things done more efficiently.
Mind-Body Healing Feel healthier in your mind and body.
Trauma Healing Heal your inner child and past wounds.
Weight Loss Shed those extra pounds and have a strong and healthy body.
Creativity & Intuition Unlock your inner genius effortlessly.
Releasing Bad Habits Kick bad habits to the curb for good.
Love & Romance Attract love and healthy relationships.
Higher States of Consciousnes Reach elevated states of consciousness.

Stories from Mind Movies users

I have miraculously started generating quality leads in the past few days

Mind Movies is a game changer when it comes to visualization and dream boards. The music I chose has raised my vibration tenfold. I have miraculously started generating quality leads in the past few days. My business was on hold for 9 months and getting traction was a mission.

Ann Sulusulu

It works like magic

I've created my own mindmovies that I watch every day, and now I am able to attract to my life the people i want and everything that wish without fail it works like magic. I would to say thanks a million you have changed my life and brought hope.

Douglas Peshwa

From where I WAS to where I AM is amazing

I bought Mind Movies in 2010 and constantly used it for a long time. Well, from where I WAS to where I AM is amazing. My life still continues to be what I could not even dreamed off initially, but I took the risk and made a movie that was beyond my expectations only to have them fulfilled.

Marg Balogh

How to make your Mind Movie in minutes (anyone can do it!)

You CREATE your 3-minute Mind Movie

Use your smartphone or computer to make as many as you like for different goals: health, wealth, career, relationships, and more. Your app makes it easy, and you can choose from a vast library of affirmations, imagery and music, and subliminal audios that match your goals.

You WATCH your Mind Movie

Press play at any time of the day, and let your subconscious mind reprogram itself to match your dreams and desires. This process happens quickly and automatically, it's as easy as watching a video on YouTube.

You LIVE your new reality

After watching your Mind Movie and experiencing the inner transformation, you'll start to notice amazing synchronicities and positive outcomes swiftly fall into place in the coming days, weeks, and months. Thanks to your subconscious mind working for you behind the scenes, your goals are now manifesting at warp speed.

How it works...

Mind Movies is powered by three potent fields of neuroscience:



The practice of training your subconscious mind to play a vivid 'movie' of scenarios and outcomes that you want to bring into your reality.



Affirmations work like visualizations, except they train your subconscious mind through empowering statements instead of visuals.


Subliminal Audios

Specially engineered audio tracks are infused with thousands of empowering phrases that burrow deep into your subconscious, creating lasting change on autopilot.

From Olympic athletes and CEOs, to professionals and entrepreneurs: many of the world's top achievers use these modalities to perform at their peak.

And countless studies* have proven their worth in various areas - including physical and emotional healing, wealth and success, relationships and productivity, and so much more.

But when you combine all three through a technology like Mind Movies… that's when magic happens.

Each 3-minute Mind Movie is infused with powerful visualizations, affirmations, and subliminal audios tailored to your goals.

It's a profound multi-sensory experience that connects with your subconscious mind on multiple levels -

And creates deep, lasting, life-changing transformations and identity shifts: more quickly and easily than you've ever experienced with any other personal growth modality.

A small sample of the scientific research behind our technology

The power of affirmations in alleviating depression and improving positive thinking.

Explore Study Here

Subliminal messaging and its ability to alter thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and actions.

Explore Study Here

How visualization can alter physical outcomes - even muscle growth.

Explore Study Here

Meet Dame Natalie Ledwell, Creator of Mind Movies

Dame Natalie Ledwell (or just Nat as she prefers) is a bestselling author, international mindset and Law of Attraction speaker, and co-founder of Mind Movies, the global personal development movement and app that has uplifted over 10 million lives worldwide.

Nat's 16-year career in human transformation is vast. She has designed school curriculums for American, Liberian and Colombian schools, shared a stage with luminaries like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor, and performed humanitarian work that led to a Knighthood by the Orthodox Order of St John.

Through Mind Movies, Nat's goal is to make today's most transformational mind empowerment and manifestation technology available to everyone - so anyone can create their dream lives and awaken their fullest human potential.

One easy-to-use app that works on your smartphone, tablet, or computer…

With near-infinite ways to personalize your Mind Movies

Inspiring images

Uplifting music clips

Empowering affirmations

Number of Mind Movies
(make as many as you like)

Support from our friendly team

Today your Mind Movies app includes 2x FREE bonuses

Bonus 1: Dream Crystallization mini video course ($47 value)

This mini course gives you priceless clarity on one of the most crucial questions of your life: "How do I know what I really want?"

Once you discover your true desires, purpose, and passions, you'll then be empowered to create hyper-relevant Mind Movies that take you exactly to where you want and need to be.

Bonus 2: Future Visioning Workshop ($97 value)

During this session, you'll learn how to set clear visions and goals for this year using the Mind Movies Platinum Creation Kit. Natalie will walk you through how to crystalize your vision, and you'll experience just how easy the app is to use!

It's the perfect bonus workshop to get you familiar with the app, as well as learn Natalie’s hottest tips to get the most out of it - setting you up for huge manifestation success!

You're not just getting an app: you're joining a global movement

As a Mind Movies user, you're joining a global movement of uplifting manifestors. We're a community of people just like you, who share your passion for creating a better life. Achieving amazing goals. And living at our fullest potential.

And we can't wait for you to join us, so we can inspire each other with the incredible breakthroughs we're creating through our Mind Movies.

More stories from around the world

I was in a very negative thinking, gloomy place prior to using Mind Movies. Career on hold, relationship at crisis point, emotional health controlling me. Instantly I felt positive, open for change & started to achieve incredible results.

Katherine Robertson

I am almost 50 years old and (after using Mind Movies), I am completely focused on achieving my new business in an area I’m passionate about and watching my mind movie every morning and evening has been fantastic in keeping me focused and positive. Thank you!

Cameron McDougall

I would just like to say a special thanks to Mind Movies, it as been a invaluable in my life changing journey. It has helped me to find my true life's path, and purpose which as brought me new happiness and success in my life. Within the last weeks, I have also become an author, exciting times, if I can do it, so can you!

Phillip Nichols

Don't decide now: try Mind Movies risk-free for up to 60 days

We want you to fall head over heels in love with Mind Movies, and so we're making you three promises:

1. You'll find it effortlessly EASY to create your first Mind Movie, and all the Mind Movies after - even if you're not that good with tech.

2. You'll ENJOY watching your Mind Movies daily - in fact they'll become the highlight of your day because of the glow they leave you with.

3. You'll experience at least one remarkable TRANSFORMATION not long after starting to watch your Mind Movies. It could be a breakthrough, a goal achieved, or even just a subtle shift in how you think or perceive yourself - but you won't miss it.

You have 60 risk-free days to try out Mind Movies and decide if it's for you. If it's not for any reason whatsoever, email us at [email protected] for a fast and friendly refund.

Get Mind Movies now and receive:

  • Full and instant access to the Mind Movies app: create an unlimited number of personalized Mind Movies with your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
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  • FREE Dream Crystallization mini video course: discover what you really want, and create Mind Movies that perfectly align with your unique purpose and passions.
  • FREE Future Visioning Workshop: Learn how to use Mind Movies Platinum to set and manifest your goals for this year using Natalie’s best tips!
  • 60-day money back guarantee: try Mind Movies for up to two months before deciding if it's for you - or claim a full and prompt refund.

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