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How to Download on Kindle Fire

Step 1:  From the home screen choose the "Web" option on the Kindle Fire and navigate to   Enter your username and password when prompted.

Step 2:  Select the tab of the topic you wish to download.

Step3:  Press the 'Download for Mobile' option (icon that looks like a smartphone) beneath the Matrix Mind Movie you wish to download.  The download process will begin.  You can see the status of the download by pressing the notifications number near the word 'kindle' in the bar at the top of the device.

Step 4:  Once the download is complete it is available in your 'Downloads' section of your browser.  Just press the menu icon (three horizontal lines inside a three sided box) at the bottom of your web browser and select 'Downloads'.  Here you will see content downloaded from the web that is available for you to watch anytime.  Select the one you want to watch and enjoy the Matrix Mind Movies wherever you have your Kindle Fire, even without being connected to the internet!

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Last updated on May 4, 2012 with 7952 views