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How do I download my Mind Movie to iTunes?

Generally you can add your downloaded quicktime Mind Movie to iTunes, but we do not offer support for this, as issues relating to this are mostly iTunes issues. Corrupt plugin combinations are a common browser problem, and are very difficult to fix without a trained professional on site. My best advice for a quick fix is to start with a clean slate.

If you don't have one of these browsers try downloading one and looking at Mind Movies 2.1 in there. 
Google Chrome -
Mozilla Firefox -
Safari -
Internet Explorer -

Here are the steps to download your Mind Movie to iTunes:

Under My Videos tab, Download the Mind Movie you would like, select MAC / iTunes.

Once your Mind Movie downloads to your computer, open your iTunes account, Drag and Drop that Mind Movie in to your iTunes Library.

After your Mind Movie copies in to your iTunes Library, connect your phone to your computer.  It will appear under Devices, click on that.

Click Movies tab, making sure Sync Movies is check marked.  Find the Mind Movie and select it, then click Sync (in bottom right corner of screen.)

After, to locate it, click on the iPod symbol, Movie button and then you can watch it where ever you would like!

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