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How can we see Results Faster with the Matrix?

1)  Be as consistent as possible in what times of
day you watch and listen to Mind Movies Matrix.  
This will help your mind and body associate those
times with your inner progress and you’ll get more
results from your sessions.

2)  Choose a spot in your home where you won’t
be interrupted by the phone or other people and
use the same place as often as possible. This way,
you’ll have a designated space and you’ll reach
Theta state faster.

3) You want to be comfortable, but also have your
back straight when using Mind Movies Matrix.  Sit
in a comfortable chair, ideally with your head
supported, or you can lie on your back if you’re
using an IPad or smartphone.

4)  Loosen any tight clothing and remove your shoes.  
It’s best to have as little constriction on your body
as possible.

5)  If your eyesight is strong enough at close range,
watch the movies without your glasses or contacts.  
You will still get all the benefits if you have you
corrective lenses but it’s better if there’s as little
between you and the Mind Movie as possible.

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