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Episode # 145 101 Powerful Affirmations

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Do you ever wish you could communicate with your pet? Well, did you know your pet’s behavior may be a reflection of your own? On today’s exciting new episode of The Inspiration Show, my special guest and pet intuitive and trainer, Denise Mange, shares that our pets act as mirrors reflecting back to us bigger energetic patterns in our lives which may no longer serve us. When we acknowledge, heal and release these patterns, it becomes evident in our pets' energies, attitudes, and behaviors. Watch this episode if you’d like to know how to train, connect, and relate to your animal companion. It’s truly eye-opening!

Denise Mange - How to Communicate With Your Pet

Two of the most powerful sources of transformation are science and spirituality, but is it possible to integrate the inspiration of spiritual experience, with the discipline of science? On this brand new episode of The Inspiration Show, we explore the fascinating life of the enigmatic philanthropist and former Detroit Tigers’ owner, the late John E. Fetzer. Through his memoir written by this Inspiration Show’s guest Brian C. Wilson, you’ll wake up to new spiritual wisdom and be inspired to harness the power of your infinite potential just like John did.

Brian C. Wilson - How to Integrate Science and Spirituality

Everyone experiences fear, stress or anxiety at some point in their lives, but most people think it’s a bad thing. Yet did you know that when harnessed, these forces can be our greatest source of strength? On this insightful episode of The Inspiration Show, you’ll get a better understanding of the relationship of fear with the human mind and discover how to transform these seemingly negative emotions into good health, wealth and happiness.

Akshay Nanavati - How to Turn Fear Into a Positive Force

If you heard there was a piece of technology proven to safeguard you from anything bad happening to you, would you run out and buy it? Well, what if I told you this already exists? 
My special guest and filmmaker Bill Bennett says we all have a Personal Guidance System, which, its only purpose is to keep us alive so we can fulfill our purpose. It’s called the gift of intuition. And in this video interview, he explains the surprising way his intuition saved his life, as well as the details of the amazing film he created after this otherworldly experience!

Bill Bennett - How to Find and Follow Your Intuition

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