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I have been using the chakra clearing exercise almost every day and have noticed some major shifts. I feel much more grounded, stronger physically and mentally and more
spiritually aware.

- Sally Reeve

From the very first time I used it an amazing sense of peace, calm and well-being filled me. I use it regularly and every time I listen to it, I feel more healing taking place.
So glad I purchased it!

- Sharon Robertson

Inside Your Chakra Awakening System, you'll find a collection of unique tools, exercises and techniques for strengthening and protecting your Chakras.

  • The Chakra Healing Blueprint:
    Experience a highly accurate 'diagnosis' of how energized or blocked each of your Chakras are. Follow this blueprint as a guide to unblock your Chakras using the tools and technologies found within this system.
  • 7x Chakra Charge-Up Sets:
    Immerse yourself in seven custom Chakra Charge-Up video tutorials and micro-visualization sets, harnessing your mind power to instantly unblock and strengthen each of your seven corresponding Chakras.
  • The Chakra Care Toolkit

Part 1 of the Chakra Care Toolkit: 7 Chakra Care Mind Movies

Enjoy 7 Mind Movies, one designed for each of your Chakras. Combining powerful visualizations, affirmations and uplifting music and imagery, Mind Movies gives you an instant energetic boost.

Part 2 of the Chakra Care Toolkit: A Chakra Care 360 Immersion Meditation Audio

Enjoy an exhilarating 20-minute journey into your energetic ecosystem to energize your seven Chakras from bottom to top.

Part 3 of the Chakra Care Toolkit: A Set of 50 Chakra Care Affirmations

Use your affirmations in your meditations, Mind Movies, visualizations, or even just recite them every morning to keep your Chakras whirring in energetic harmony.


The Raising Your Vibration Subliminal Audio is a 60-minute subliminal audio that projects hundreds of thousands of positive affirmations into your subconscious mind.

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