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The Ultimate Guide To Rising Above Your Limiting Beliefs And Awakening Your Limitless Potential

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The Ultimate Guide To Rising Above Your Limiting Beliefs & Awakening Your Limitless Potential

Is there something you really want but don't have right now?

Like a bigger paycheck? A dream career? A healthy and youthful beach body? An adoring soulmate?

Do you know the biggest reason you're not enjoying that something yet?

Many people would point to misfortune, their genetics, their boss, or their perceived lack of talent, willpower, or skill.

But all these factors take a backseat to one ferocious force that silently sabotages so much of your hard work and good intentions every day.

And that's your LIMITING BELIEFS.

A limiting belief is a block in your mind; a piece of negative programming burrowed inside your subconscious that negatively impacts a certain part of your life.

For instance:

"I'm not smart enough to get that promotion."

"All the good ones are taken, I'll never be in an amazing relationship."

"Rich people are greedy, maybe I'm better off not making so much money."

"I don't have the willpower to lose weight and get in shape."

Person looking sad

How do we know limiting beliefs are your biggest problem? Well for one, neuroscience proves it (more on this further down below).

Plus, after coaching and studying over 5.8 million individuals worldwide, our team at Mind Movies has found the same patterns of limiting beliefs in people from all walks of life. 

Yet if you're like most people, you probably don't realize what limiting beliefs are inside you, or how they're cheating you of your fullest potential.

Your limiting beliefs are the real reason you doubt yourself. 

They're why you may sometimes feel unworthy of opportunities right in front of you - even when you've already put in the hard work. They even block your ability to consistently manifest with the Law of Attraction.

And as long as you don't take the steps to erase your limiting beliefs, they will keep you playing small and never achieving your biggest goals.

In this guide, we'll examine where your limiting beliefs come from, how they're holding you back, and the simple-but-potent techniques you can use to finally break free from them - no matter your age, background, or how far gone you might think you are.

You'll likely experience life-changing breakthroughs soon after you start addressing your limiting beliefs. 

You'll think better thoughts. You'll get better at manifesting the best outcomes. You'll find yourself gravitating towards better people and opportunities. And, you'll finally gain the self-confidence, clarity, and self-love to achieve things you might have once thought impossible.

Person feeling happy

Erasing your limiting beliefs might just be the best gift you ever give yourself. So let's start at the beginning with the fundamental question:

"How Did I End Up With Limiting Beliefs?"

The answer begins in your brain - or your brainwaves, to be specific. According to neuroscience, we have five different types of brainwaves, each one connected to a different activity or state of being.

These brainwaves are like gears in a car: they're constantly shifting depending on the terrain you're navigating at any point in time. Here's a quick look at each one:

* Beta brainwaves: your regular conscious state, you're normally in Beta when you're awake.

* Alpha brainwaves: you're in Alpha when you're relaxed, and just before and after sleep. 

* Delta brainwaves: the state of deep sleep.

* Theta brainwaves: you're in Theta when you're dreaming, sleeping lightly, meditating, or engaged in certain spiritual practices.

* Gamma brainwaves: a state of deep focus and flow.

BrainwavesSo what does this have to do with limiting beliefs? 

The key lies in Theta brainwaves: which leave the subconscious mind far more receptive to new beliefs, both positive and negative.

Now, before the age of six years old, your brain spends most of its time in Theta. 

Meaning at this time, you're thirstily absorbing everything around you - from favorite movies and song lyrics to interactions with family, friends, and teachers, to even overheard random conversations.

All this information then gets crammed into your childhood brain, with no clear perspective to help it sort out right from wrong. 

The result is that many external ideas and opinions related to money, relationships, success, failure, and body image, become your own (often without you even realizing you have these beliefs). 

Parents, in particular, tend to be a major source of limiting beliefs, since they're usually the ones we look up to, and whom we turn to for advice.

For instance, if you grew up watching your parents constantly argue with each other, you might grow up with the limiting belief that all relationships demand constant pain and conflict. 

Parents fighting

Can you see how that could negatively affect your romantic relationships?

Traumatic experiences can also be a major source of limiting beliefs.

Like if in school you were constantly bullied for the way you looked or behaved, you might grow up feeling unattractive or unworthy of love from others - which can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and romantic relationships.

In summary: the vast majority of limiting beliefs wedged in your subconscious, come from your childhood experiences and interactions.  

They're like hidden computer viruses; working quietly in the background to hold you back, and keep you operating from a place of fear instead of empowerment.

And just like computer viruses - the longer you leave them, the more damage they'll do. Which makes it vital to erase them as quickly as possible, so you can finally start creating your best life, on your terms.

The first step to doing that is to understand precisely what limiting beliefs are affecting your career, finances, relationships, health, and other key areas of your life.

So now let's dive into:

The 5 Core Limiting Beliefs (And How They Sabotage You Daily)

There is a near-infinite number of limiting beliefs that can latch onto you, depending on your personal circumstances and disposition.

But most of them can be divided into one of five categories - or as we call them at Mind Movies, the core limiting beliefs.

Virtually everyone is affected by these core limiting beliefs, in some way or another. Here's a list of them:

Core Limiting Belief #1: "I'm Not Worthy"

Feelings of unworthiness most often come from circumstances you have no control over - like the place you were born in, the family you were born into, or even your natural physical attributes.

When you believe you're unworthy, you start to subconsciously build a wall between yourself and opportunities that could lead you to greater abundance, wellness, and fulfillment: whether it's wealthy and successful people, career or business opportunities, or even that cutie you bump into every Tuesday at the neighborhood coffee shop.

And so instead of feeling excitement or gratitude every time you see an opportunity for personal growth, you're instead reminded of how you don't deserve it. Which stops you from pursuing it, and keeps you stuck.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs rooted in "I'm not worthy":

"People from [insert where you came from] never make it in life."

"Someone like that would never want someone like me."

"I should stop dreaming about becoming an artist, my family's not the creative sort."

Woman daydreaming

Core Limiting Belief #2: "I'm Not Smart Enough"

In the Mind Movies framework of core limiting beliefs, believing you're not smart enough is similar to a sense of unworthiness, with one key difference: it comes from past failure, rather than circumstances you had no control over.

For instance, as a child, you might have entered a storytelling competition and didn't win. This could have a significant impact on how you perceive your literary abilities in your adulthood, and could even block you from trying to improve yourself not just in that area of expertise, but in others too.

People who believe they're not smart enough are often surprised when they learn how smart many other people think they are!

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs rooted in "I'm not smart enough":

"I'll never play the guitar, I just can't figure out musical instruments."

"I was passed up for that promotion before, I should stop hoping for it."

"My business track record is terrible, I should stick to being an employee."

Core Limiting Belief #3: "People Will Judge Me"

Wondering what others will think about you is normal human behavior - but it becomes a limiting belief when you let the fear of other people's judgments stop you from doing, achieving, or simply being what you want.

This core limiting belief is likely to manifest if you had overly critical parents or mentors in your childhood, or if there were specific incidents of other people's judgments hurting you (like the judge's comments at a talent show, or bullies at school criticizing your clothes).

Wherever it comes from, the outcome is the same: instead of risking the judgment of others, you'd often rather take no action at all, or keep yourself as invisible as possible.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs rooted in "people will judge me":

"If I speak on stage, people will realize I'm boring."

"Maybe I shouldn't buy that convertible, what will the neighbors think?"

"I don't want to take my shirt off at the beach, it's embarrassing."

Man on the beach

Core Limiting Belief #4: "I'm Afraid I'll Fail"

Your well-meaning brain is hardwired to protect you from harm - and at times, that means shielding you from failure by convincing you to not even try (which when you think about it, can be even more harmful than trying and failing).

Your chances of harboring this core limiting belief are higher if you were raised by overprotective parents intent on shielding you from the dangers of the world, or if you ever witnessed someone close to you experiencing painful hardship due to a failed personal or professional endeavor.

Being afraid to fail pulls you away from the undeniable truth: which is that failure is a necessary stepping stone towards success.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs rooted in "I'm afraid I'll fail":

"I'd better not try that fitness plan, I'll feel awful if I give it up halfway."

"My dream business is too risky to even try."

"What if I can't perform at that new job? Maybe I'll just keep my old one even though I'm sick of it."

Core Limiting Belief #5: "It's Too Late For Me"

As long as you're still breathing, it's never too late. And yet if you've been stuck in a rut for a while, your subconscious mind may sometimes try to convince you that you're too far gone, and you're better off staying in your comfort zone.

Your earliest exposures to this core limiting belief most likely came from your childhood, in the form of parents or family members who'd use their age or circumstances as an excuse to stop trying or showing up.

Believing it's too late for you is like giving up on life itself: because it stops you from learning, growing, and evolving in honor of the limitless potential you'll always have.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs rooted in "it's too late for me":

"At this age, I should stop hoping for so much."

"I've struggled with money for years, nothing will ever change."

"I'm too old for that dress!"

Woman shopping

Looking at the above list, you may already have a loose idea of at least some of the limiting beliefs impacting your life.

But does that mean you can just make a conscious effort to disbelieve them and switch them off? Or how about a good old-fashioned dose of positive thinking?

Unfortunately, that won't work.

Because even if, for instance, you choose to believe not all rich people are greedy - it's still likely that your subconscious mind will override your conscious decision, align with your limiting beliefs anyway, and poison a wide spectrum of your daily thoughts, actions, interactions, and experiences.

This is because your subconscious mind is far more powerful and influential than your conscious mind. Cognitive neuroscientists estimate that 95 percent of our brain's activity happens on a subconscious level; only the remaining 5 percent is conscious.

This is what makes unchecked limiting beliefs so dangerous!

And it's also why we'll now explore:

How To Rid Yourself Of Your Limiting Beliefs

Removing your limiting beliefs is a little more involved than deleting a file on your computer.

In fact, it requires communicating deeply with your subconscious mind - and either releasing, reframing, or simply revisiting certain emotions or situations from your past that triggered these beliefs in you.

The good news is, there are various tools at your disposal to achieve this, and many are easier to use than you might think. 

And the even better news? Starting Monday, March 25th - Friday, March 29th, I’ll start sharing some of these tools and mind hacks that you can use to identify and erase your limiting beliefs in a live 5-day event: The Limitless You Challenge! 

Each day, we will dive deep into a key area of life together, starting with your career and then moving onto your relationships, wealth, romance, and health!

During the live event, we will: 

  • Explore your limiting beliefs in each area of your life, and how they silently hold you back from your goals & your fullest potential.

  • Discover the moments from your past that triggered your limiting beliefs (the answers might surprise you).

  • Experience powerful tools & mind hacks for releasing your limiting beliefs, boosting your confidence, and self-love.

  • Connect with other participants worldwide through our private Facebook group, as we support each other to the finish line.

What Breakthroughs Will You Enjoy After Erasing Your Limiting Beliefs?

You now understand where your limiting beliefs come from, the types of limiting beliefs that could be affecting you, and NOW have the opportunity to start erasing them for good. 

How would your life change if you could finally break free from anything holding you back from your highest potential? How would your life change if you could transform into the best version of you - without hesitation or fear?

Are you ready to find out?

Join for free now and let’s become LIMITLESS together! ;-)

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