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Find Out How To Tap Into Your 5 Universal Chakras

5 universal chakras


If you practice meditation and spirituality interests you, then you probably are familiar with your 7 Chakras, or energy centers, that are the foundation of your health and wellbeing.

And if you’re passionate about energy healing, it’s fair to guess that you know your Heart Chakra is located in your upper chest and if you want to want to feel more grounded and confident you know you need to balance your Root Chakra - 

Chakras dramatically influence all the core areas of your life - from your career and finances to your health and relationships - as shown in this chakra chart: 

Infographic of chakra chart


What you might not know is - 

There are actually five other Chakras outside of your body, that also play an incredibly powerful role in your human experience. 

They help you: 

* Connect with your Limitless Self, the you beyond your conscious mind and physical body

* Experience a deep energetic awakening and a sense of oneness with the Universe itself

* And light up the path to your higher purpose and reconnect you with your unique gifts

This is why it's very important you give the right TLC to both your 5 Universal Chakras and your 7 Chakras.

Here are the additional 5 you may not have heard about yet and what happens when you tap into each of them: 


This is the gateway to your limitless self, and it shows you the negative patterns and energetic charges you must release before you can ascend beyond your consciousness.

When you tap into it you: 

* Feel at peace with your true nature.

* Become in harmony with your highest values.

* And align with your greatest calling. 


This Chakra gives you a deep understanding of your infinite gifts and possibilities, allowing you to see beyond the illusions of space, self and time.

When you tap into it you: 

* Detach from weakness and self-doubt.

* Understand your unique gifts.

* Discover skills you learned in your past lives to reapply them in the future.


This allows you to channel your unique gifts into your physical reality, so you can melt away your challenges and experience positive outcomes in every area of life.

When you tap into it you: 

* Explore new possibilities for your future.

* Reconnect with your fullest creation power.

* Take inspired action towards your greatest life.


This is the Chakra of divine knowledge, cosmic wisdom, and extra-sensory perception. It allows you to see beyond your mind and body, and experience existence in its purest form, becoming fully aware of your place in the Universe.

When you tap into it you: 

* Awaken your deepest sense of knowledge and purpose.

* Receive guidance towards your highest good.

* Live from a space of unlimited light and love.


This Chakra is the final step of your ascension, and it is here you can become fully connected to Source, and experience the deepest inner peace, unity, and love known to humankind.

When you tap into it you can: 

* Be at one with the Universe itself.

* Flow in synergy with everything around you.

* Experience true peace and tranquility.

The happiest, most successful, most abundant people I know are those who are in touch with their deepest truths.

And by that, I don't necessarily mean highly spiritual people or people who have disconnected themselves from the material world.

But rather normal people - aspiring entrepreneurs, busy parents, students, professionals, anyone - who live life with a deep and constant connection to their true nature, purpose, and radiant bliss.

If this is something you’re struggling with right now, or if there’s something you want to accomplish in your life that might seem physically impossible at the moment - 

Or even if you just don't want to feel stuck or lost anymore - then know that connecting with your Universal Chakras could change everything for you.

Sometimes we don’t understand why things unfold the way they do, and sometimes we feel as if we have been thrown off our desired path. 

This is why my team and I have designed a full system to help you connect with your higher self, so you can experience more connection and spiritual awareness right away. 

It’s called Chakra Transcendence!

Click here to experience more connection and spiritual awareness

And inside you’ll discover a PDF Guidebook, 10 Chakra Connection Exercises, 5 Universal Chakra Attunement audios, and 5 micro-visualization audios for each of your Chakras - Plus you’ll also receive an exciting bonus!

I highly encourage you to give it a try and let us know in the comment box below what you think of it. ;-)




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