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The Mind Movies App:

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Free download available for Apple and Android devices

Hi, it's Glen, CEO of Mind Movies - and the team and I are delighted to share that we have finally developed something so many people have been asking us for over the years:

The brand new (and 100% free) official Mind Movies mobile app!

But before I show you what it's all about, I want to tell you why we decided to make an app for you in the first place.

You see, many people tell us their absolute favorite part of the Mind Movies experience isn't always our programs, our webinars, or even our technology…

But it’s the rare chance to connect with our passionate global community. No matter where you are!

A lot of people don't know this - but when Natalie and I founded Mind Movies, one of our 'secret' goals was to simply meet more like-minded people!

So we're blown away that the movement has spread to over 4.2 million people from all walks of life: moms, dads, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, scientists, healers, authors, leaders, visionaries, even celebrities; every one of us with at least one thing in common:

We're all deeply passionate about harnessing our minds to manifest our greatest lives.

And in a world where so many people are caught up in a storm of negativity and fear - this passion is something I believe we at Mind Movies must cherish and nurture.

Our tribe loves connecting with each other. We hang out on Facebook, our private membership sites, and even at real-world events. We support each other in achieving our goals. We inspire each other with our wisdom and personal stories. We help each other get through challenging times. And we hold each other accountable as we adopt new habits and models of living.

Many people tell us they found their new best friends through Mind Movies. Some have found their business partners. Some even found their soulmates.

These CONNECTIONS are a magical thing - and through the brand new Mind Movies app, we want to take them to a whole new level.

Because one thing we've learned over the years is: it's a challenge for millions of people to stay intimately in touch with each other.

For instance, there are times when you just want to take a moment out of your day to share a thought, or a sudden epiphany, or even a cheeky photo of your healthy breakfast.

Or sometimes there might be a giveaway or event the community needs to know about right away.

And of course there are times when all you really want is a friendly chat with someone else in the Mind Movies tribe who gets where you're coming from, because they've been there too.

You may be thinking - social media and email are good enough for that. But we disagree. Email seems less personable and platforms like Facebook are constantly changing their algorithms to make our posts less and less visible. The result is a lot of our messages for each other just get buried in a sea of white noise. 

And so with the Mind Movies mobile app - our goal is to cut through that noise, so we can all keep in touch, inspire, and support each other like how real friends and a real tribe would.

Now let me show you exactly how our new app helps you do that (you're going to love this, I promise).

We've worked with a team of brilliant programmers and artists to create an app that keeps you consistently and intimately in touch with your global community - whenever and wherever you are.

Your experience begins here on the homescreen:

mobile app

1. If you're logging in for the first time, just tap on 'Start Here' for an instructional video showing you how to use the app:

intro video screenshot

2. Next, you've got the 'Latest Live' button that takes you to our latest training video (usually featuring Natalie):


Nat is a dynamo. She's constantly interviewing the world's greatest minds, studying the latest neuroscience, and releasing free training videos on subjects like the Law of Attraction, visualization, meditation, wellness and more.

Typically you'd have to keep checking all your email and social media accounts to catch all of them - but with this feature her latest video is always just a tap away. So go ahead and check it as often as you like, you'll almost always be in for a surprise :-)

3. 'Post Photo' is a super fun feature. Remember I mentioned sharing healthy breakfast photos with the tribe? Well this feature lets you do that - along with any other travel, workout, or inspirational photos you'd like to share:

post photo

Here you'll also find shared photos from everyone else in the Mind Movies community. Think of it as a custom social media feed, laser-focused on just the images and messages that uplift and empower you.

We encourage you to contribute to this page as often as you like. Share your journey, see what everyone else is up to, and motivate them with your likes and comments. Let's give Instagram a run for their money!

4. The 'My Success' feature is one of my favorites. This is where you can share your daily wins, and get a dose of instant inspiration by checking out what everyone else has been up to on our Gratitude Wall:

my success

You may have heard of the Roger Bannister effect: he was the first athlete in recorded history to run a 4-minute mile. And after he did, many other runners began matching his record. They just had to first see and believe it was possible.

The 'My Success' feature works in a similar way. Once you start checking the Gratitude Wall daily, you'll love how much easier it gets to keep performing and achieving at your best.

5. The 'Webinar' feature helps you keep track of all our upcoming webinars, and reserve your free spot on any one you like from in the app itself:


Webinars are still one of the most important pillars of the Mind Movies experience. There's something incredibly powerful about thousands of people from across the world, coming together at the same time to explore a certain subject in personal growth.

Webinars are where many of our students experience some of their biggest personal breakthroughs - so I hope this feature helps you join us for even more of them.

6. You'll get closer to the Mind Movies tribe than ever before with the 'Chat' feature:


For the first time ever, you can now send messages to any Mind Movies member who downloads the app, share your personal growth progress, and make friends and alliances with people with similar missions then you!

As you can imagine, the value of these connections are priceless - in fact we were almost tempted to make an app with just this one feature alone :-)

7. On the bottom row you'll find the 'Channels' feature:


This feature is a terrific way to keep up with all our blog articles. You'll find a variety of channels here to reflect your interests - including inspiration, success, manifesting, and a whole lot more.

You can then choose to follow any channel you like, which activates instant notifications whenever a new blog post is published in that category. Our blog posts often include limited-time offers, secret giveaways, and gifts, so these notifications will often help you grab the good stuff before it runs out.

8. The 'Programs' feature gives you easy access to our entire catalogue of programs and online courses:


Here you'll find free courses, Mind Movies and guided meditation packs, plus special offers on our bestselling premium courses.

Certain limited edition courses are only accessible during certain time periods - so again this is a great way to optimize your education path and get access to the best training while it's available.

9. And finally, remember to pay special attention to Natalie's personal profile, which you'll easily be able to follow by typing in “Natalie Ledwell”.

Nat's profile

Nat's profile is where you'll find an intimate summary of everything she's up to: from personal musings to event updates to freebies and more.

Nat also experiments like crazy with leading-edge personal growth tools and models, so you'll want to pay special attention to her journey on the Gratitude Wall - so you can try out some of her more successful experiments for yourself.

Oh, and there's one more special feature you'll love in the Mind Movies app:

The more you use the app, the more you'll get rewarded.

I can't tell you too much for now as the mechanics are still being worked out: but very soon, you'll be able to earn badges, products, and prizes as you keep logging in and interacting daily.

Consider it our way of motivating you to stay connected to the community, and help us build this new ecosystem of good vibes, positive energy, and unlimited manifesting power :-)

Learn more about the Mind Movies app here!

See you on the inside, 

Free download available for Apple and Android devices

P.S. Don’t fear if the home screen looks different once in awhile, we may add new features as they are developed, but if you ever have questions regarding any changes don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]



Glen Ledwell is the CEO and Co-founder of Mind Movies and is the driving force behind all marketing strategies. Glen is committed to improving the lives of others through personal development tools, mentoring programs, and entrepreneurial techniques. 















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