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CEO Shares A Special Behind The Scenes Look Into The Mission Behind Mind Movies

Mind Movies Headquarters


A message from Glen Ledwell, CEO and co-founder of Mind Movies:

Challenges. Wins. Gratefuls. 

This is what you hear at our weekly stand-up meetings at Mind Movies.

Every Wednesday, each of us - and yes me included - go around in a circle and share a challenge we are facing, a win we have worked for, and a person we are grateful for. 

This tradition takes place right in front of our Gratitude Wall, where we share positive messages from our community, as well as our Mind Movies Mission Statement Poster. These powerful words remind us of why we are here, and why we do what we do. They serve as a reminder to our team that we're on a mission to make a positive dent in the Universe - and that our guiding values are the GPS system that'll get us there.

Mind Movies Core Values

The words on that poster send an electric shock through my body every morning (in a good way!). They're a powerful reminder to the team and me that we're on a mission to make a positive dent in the Universe - and that our guiding values are the GPS system that'll get us there.

Today - for the first time ever - I'd like to share this mission and our values with you. I want to show you what we're really about - beyond all the emails, courses, and videos we make for you. Additionally, I believe many of our values could help enrich your life too.

So are you ready? Let's dive in.

The Mission: Provide High Value Information And Technology To Help People Improve Their Lives

In 2007, Natalie and I gave up our careers as serial entrepreneurs to launch the one thing we believed in most: the Mind Movies technology. Since then, that technology has evolved into a global movement, touching over 4.2 million lives across the planet.

Our mission all this time has been steadfast: we want to spark a conscious awakening across the planet; where people are finally able to use the full power of their minds to create their greatest lives. And we believe one of the best ways to do that is by amplifying timeless personal growth principles through leading-edge technology that elevates people faster, more easily, and more enjoyably than ever before. 

Value 1: Treasure, Protect, And Respect Our Customers

Mind Movies' main 'product' isn't really courses, or videos, or technology - it's profound personal transformation. And so each time someone engages with us, they're putting a tremendous amount of trust in us. Because what could be more important than creating the life you really want for yourself?

We honor and acknowledge that trust. We know each customer has their own unique challenges and circumstances. And we believe it's our responsibility (and pleasure) to serve each of them with love, respect, and authenticity.

Value 2: Skate To Where The Puck Is Going To Be, Not Where It Is

"If I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses!" - this famous quote by Henry Ford is a powerful reminder that making an impact often means anticipating people's future needs, and having a vision to serve them beyond the existing paradigm.

That's how we created Mind Movies, back when most people were still using static vision boards. And it's also how we've created all our other courses and technologies since then - like Mind Movies Matrix, our 360 Immersion guided meditations, and our subliminal and brainwave entrainment audios.

Value 3: The Future Starts Today! Not Tomorrow

The actions we take today are the foundations of our future. At Mind Movies, we believe every single person is the architect of their own destiny, and that's why we've made it our mission to help people create the future they desire right now!

In addition to helping others seize the moment, we too strive to be the best versions of ourselves today and everyday. This motivates us to provide superior services to our customers and stay mindful that personal development is a journey, not a race. Everyone deserves fulfillment, happiness and love - and we believe in fighting for that TODAY.

Value 4: Always Support Your Team

Have you heard of the Maharishi Effect? It's a phenomenon first observed in the 1960s, where a group of meditators focusing their collective consciousness on world peace appeared to successfully drive down crime rates in their vicinity. This is one of the many reasons Mind Movies places a great emphasis on teamwork, and on supporting not just the me, but the we.

So yes, while we still have job titles and roles in the company (because it helps people stay focused on their priorities and genius zones) - we prefer to see ourselves as a collective of like-minded people on a mission. Which means supporting and helping each other out regardless of role or rank.

Mind Movies Team in Action

Value 5: Always Take Total Ownership

Although we work collectively, every person at Mind Movies takes complete ownership of their role, acknowledging that they are an integral part of the team. And with this acknowledgment comes taking full ownership of everything from successes and wins, to upsets and mistakes. Everyone does what they do with full commitment and pride, which includes celebrating when things go right and owning mistakes when things go wrong. Because we believe that's where the real growth and transformations happen.

Value 6: Know The Why, Question The Norm

When you have a clear sense of purpose, you are able to focus your efforts on what matters most. You know your mission. You know your goal. And you know you're willing to take risks and push forward despite odds or obstacles. 

At Mind Movies, we know why we do what we do: our purpose is to serve our community and to provide tools and technologies to improve as many lives as we can. But with our unique mission, comes a unique way of doing things. We constantly question the norm, never settling and always pushing forward. 

That's why we create one-of-a-kind meditations, immersive brainwave entrainment audios, and customized courses and classes. We push our limits so you can push yours. 

Value 7: Measure Everything

Fitness trackers. Time logging. Budgeting. Have you noticed how many of the world's most successful, healthy, and happy people use measurement tools like these to maximize their momentum and minimize blind spots?

At Mind Movies we measure every aspect of our performance. Did our community enjoy that video? Did they read that email? Did they get transformational results with that new course or technology? The data we get is always eye-opening, and sometimes surprising - and it never fails to show us what we should focus on next.

Value 8: Aspire To Learn & Grow

When you stop growing, you stop living. At Mind Movies we believe personal growth is the purpose of life itself. And we invest in our team's growth through training, events, and experiences that empower them not just to be better team members, but better human beings.

We've found that our team members who immerse themselves in this culture of growth are far happier, more productive, and more successful in their roles - and they inspire their other teammates to become the best versions of themselves too.

Value 9: Be A Bigger Fish In A Bigger Pond

It's easy (and healthy) to look back ten years into the past, and congratulate yourself for how far you've come. What's a little harder is looking ten years into the future, and trying to envision exactly what you must do to make sure you're playing a bigger game, and making a bigger impact.

This is why we try to push the boundaries of any box we find ourselves in. We started off as an online education company, but in recent years we've begun working with schools to build curriculums for children. And we're experimenting with new forms of technology and training methods that will help us reach even more people. One of our biggest goals is to transform 10 million lives - and we believe this mindset is one of the keys to getting there.

Value 10: The Answer Is Always Yes 

The Mind Movies team lives and breathes positivity. We transform ideas and hopes into real world opportunities. We believe every obstacle, challenge and roadblock serves as a stepping stone to our growth and commitment to our community. We all have unique ideas - and as a company, we are always saying YES to welcoming new perspectives as we grow and learn together.

You want to pitch a new idea for a product? We're all ears. You need help finishing a project from a fellow coworker? There's no hesitation. You want to share something exciting and new in your personal life? We can't wait to hear. At Mind Movies, we know life is a journey and we're saying yes to the ride!

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Your turn: which of our values resonates with you most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



Glen Ledwell is the CEO and Co-founder of Mind Movies and is the driving force behind all marketing strategies. Glen is committed to improving the lives of others through personal development tools, mentoring programs, and entrepreneurial techniques. 















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