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  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Mind & Spirit
  • Healthy Body Image
  • Motivation
  • Healthy Eating
  • Toned Body

Plus A FREE Bonus Body and Mind Optimization Pack

  • Law of Attraction 101 Digital Course ($197 Value)
  • 3x Health & Weight Loss Subliminal Audios ($111 Value)
  • Peak Health & Vitality Guided Meditation ($27 Value)

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Mind Movies For Health & Weight Loss Is Your Solution To A Lasting & Holistic Body Transformation In
The New Year & Beyond

Why is ‘getting in shape’ one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions? Because 95% of people just can’t shake off the pounds and keep them off - no matter what diet or weight loss program they try!

But now that we’re starting 2017, how about giving yourself the best New Year’s gift ever? Let’s melt off those extra pounds. Let’s get your entire wardrobe fitting you perfectly again. And let’s give you the energy and vitality you need to make the most out of every day, starting today.

The Mind Movies For Health & Weight Loss Package helps you take control of what science now shows is your single greatest asset for a slim and healthy body: your mind. All just by watching a fun and fully personalized 3-minute visualization video.

Over 2.1 million people of all ages and walks of life use our world-famous Mind Movies software to optimize every area of their lives - and now you’re getting this brand new specialized version to help you finally step into your ideal weight and wellbeing. Easily, quickly and permanently.

1. Get Instant Digital Access To The Mind Movies For Health & Weight Loss Creation Kit

As easy-to-use as it is transformational, this specialized version of our Mind Movies creation kit gives you everything you need to create your very own 3-minute visualization videos to support your weight loss and health goals.

  • Easily create your Mind Movie for Health & Weight Loss in minutes - If you can use Google or Facebook, you’ll figure it out in no time!
  • Customize your Mind Movie with our vault of gorgeous and inspiring images, videos, affirmations and music - or upload your own for a fully personalized Mind Movie.
  • Just watch your Mind Movie for 3 minutes a day day to keep your thoughts, habits, beliefs and emotions in alignment with your goals - you’ll love how losing weight and staying healthy become so effortless and natural.

2. Plus An Extra FREE New Year Bonus: The Body And Mind Optimization Pack ($335 Value)

The Body and Mind Optimization Pack is a handpicked selection of tools to complement your Mind Movies and keep your ‘inner game’ in peak condition for weight loss, health and fitness.

This is the first and only time we’re giving away this selection of tools at no cost to you: our special gift to help you achieve your weight loss and healing goals in 2017!

You’re getting:

  • BONUS 1: Our bestselling Law of Attraction 101 Video Training Course ($197 Value)

The Law of Attraction 101 course contains 7 fascinating videos that train you to harness the Law of Attraction to create any outcome you want in life; including your health and fitness.

What makes this course such a great complement to your Mind Movies technology is that it conditions your brain to visualize, expect and receive what you want in your life - whether it's people, opportunities, or outcomes.

It's like you have the Universe itself working with you, putting all the odds in your favor and helping you sculpt your best body.

  • BONUS 2: 3x Subliminal Audios For Health & Weight Loss
    ($111 Value)

Subliminal audios are one of the most incredible mind optimization technologies available today - because they're so transformative yet so easy to use.

Each audio is laced with hundreds of thousands of positive messages that bypass your conscious mind and dive straight to your subconscious.

You don't even have to focus on subliminal audios, you can play them while you're working or commuting to work.

Here you’re getting three free subliminal audios valued at $37 each:

  • The Healthy Habit Shaper for replacing your unhealthy habits (like snacking and sugar) with empowering ones.
  • The Daily Energy Booster for an instant shot of energy any time of day.
  • The Subliminal Fat Burner that retunes your emotions, beliefs and neural pathways to support (instead of block) your weight loss and healing goals.
  • BONUS 3: The Peak Health & Vitality Guided Meditation
    ($27 Value)

This immersive guided meditation takes you on an eye-opening journey into your relationship with your body, your mind, and your food.

You’ll love indulging in this relaxing session with me as you relax, follow her soothing instructions, and reframe the beliefs, cravings, and habits holding you back from your optimal weight and health.

The Most Effective, Enjoyable & Sustainable Weight Loss & Healing Solution You’ve Ever Tried… Or Your Money Back!

By working directly with your mind, the Mind Movies For Healing & Weight Loss Package bypasses all the struggle, resistance and frustration that stops most people from ever enjoying their ideal weight and wellbeing.

In the weeks and months to come, eating, living and thinking healthy will become a part of you. Which is why you will effortlessly start losing weight. Healing. And feeling more energetic, spirited, and youthful than you ever dared dream possible. And because we’re retuning your subconscious mind, these results will stick with you permanently - no more relapses or failed resolutions.

And if for any reason you’re not happy with the results you see, we’re giving you an entire 365 days to get ALL of your money back. Just email us at for a full and friendly refund - no hassle, no risk, no questions asked.

A Special Offer For A Slimmer & Healthier You In 2017:

Get The Mind Movies For Health & Weight Loss Package At 72% Off -

Plus A FREE Body and Mind Optimization Pack ($335 Value)

Total Package Value: $432

Today's Special Limited-Time Price:

Just $47

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