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Andrea Cox

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Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, today I am with my friend Tiamo. Tiamo welcome to the show.

Tiamo: Thank you Natalie.

Natalie: Now you are here as one of my passion peeps.

Tiamo: Yes.

Natalie: The reason actually I have you here on the show is because Tiamo is about to impact it back on his massive passion. So, I think the way you are in your story in life can actually help a lot of people that may be they looking to embark embark on that passion right now. But you have an interesting story on a background. So, can you share a little about your story with everybody today?

Tiammo: So, I have been a singer writer for the last 12 years and that's become my passion and a lot in my journey, I have to master balancing my daily job which is something that I like but it wasn't my passion with my purpose. So, that was really the challenge and I really found a formula that would work for me, that empowered me to take control of my destiny and my time management and eventually break through to live my dream full time and inspire people to do the same.

Natalie: Awesome. Now I often find that it's like fine thread or maybe a series of events of maybe an event that get you from working on a job that you like, don't love to follow your passion. So, what are those events that happen to you?

Tiamo: I said the biggest; the defining moment for me is when I actually walk away for my dreams so that I could keep my dream. So, let me explain that along the way. So, there is a time a few years ago where I had a management team surrounding my music. So, I had full support I had of course a manager, a publicist, a promoters. I was working with executives for capital records where very itch to my music and we are pushing it and there is so much momentum. It was living a dream as a singer song writer and then one night I had a conversation with my manager and she sat down with me and she said Tiamo there is a force behind this momentum that's why I'm going on that, I can guarantee you that you'll gonna get instant fame, instant rockstardom in the next few weeks and she said the force behind my music is the Mafia?

Natalie: The mafia?

Tiamo: The mafia that they are working with my management to ensure that the success would happen and probably most singer song writers would jump that opportunity because they can have their dream and tell the world be an icon, and all of that and keep it a secret but my message about my music is about being an integrity and coming from truth, personal truth and honesty. So, in that instant I knew that I can no longer stay with my management. So, that night I ended up packing all my bags and leaving the city California and I actually going for hiking for a while but letting go of my dream and that instant losing what I have. But knowing it myself that I'm going the right way that I was keeping my integrity and that one day came back and start all over again. This is what I did, I go back to San Diego a year later and started my career all over again as a scratch as a solo singer song writer and from there my career took off. Because I was felt I was unaligned and I can do everything for integrity to live my message.

Natalie: And Tiamo is actually going to play a song today but your music like what you said it comes from an honest and integrity place that it would be a shame not to share that with the world?

Tiamo: Alright and that's it.

Natalie: Now, the next question I have for you that we all know that success doesn't just happen and successful people all have daily habits or daily routine that they had to help keep them on track. Now as I see it's important to you at this point of time. So, what are the things that you do on a daily basis to keep you on track?

Tiamo: For me most is around gratitude. So, the book into my day is anymore in at night and I go to everything I am grateful for, step by step, and I do that every day and I think for me that's the foundation of all and then from there I spend time in the morning telling the universe how I like my life to look and not asking the universe but telling it. And then from there I sit down n my desk and I go for an action for the day. So, I of course I have my bigger picture goals but the same time I've got my action list for the week and then that day I've decided what are the steps I have to do right now. I write them out and I make sure not only I create my action list but I do it. So, I spend the rest of my days to take a mass of actions and implementing and on the end of the day go to my gratitude again but actually making sure that I have practice my affirmation so that I'm feeding my subconscious health food and making that sure that I've staying on a place that I know this, as far as wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Natalie: Now, this next question you are more qualified to be able to answer. What advice you have to people watching the video today on how to stay positive when everything around them is negative, you walked away from everything you've ever wanted, how do you stay positive on top of that situation?

Tiamo: I think you have to back to what your purposes. Like I said practicing gratitude even though you see yourself struggle because I know some of you who watching these is struggling and I was in a dark place for a while feel lose, feel I lose everything but in the same time I did a lot of lie and realize there are people around the world that are, there are 25 thousand people that are dying every day and so when compared myself to that contacts of that people, I still find ways to be grateful for what I have and continuing to focus on what my dream is and I also say that my favorite book is 3 feet from goals and you never know the day you give up you maybe anxious away from accomplishing your dreams inspiring so many people and I never want to be that person that you'd never know. So if I complete all the way, so I exhaust myself and I did absolutely everything I could back in my life and I still got my dreams and I can live with that and the thing I couldn't live is not finding out. So, I think people who are searching for success is realizing maybe right in front of you but important is showing up everyday even if you don't feel like you wanna do it, set it apart from everybody else and the last thing I'd say about that to me I feel like the absolute number 1 key to success is taking consistent action because some people may say about taking the first step which I do agree with that partially but sometimes people take the first steps they don't take the 2nd steps, the 3rd steps so I believe I've been taking consistent action everyday and if you want raise the bar a bit and taking a massive action and I think that's distinguish is people who are very successful and people who not.

Natalie: Yes absolutely. I have one more question for you. This may be hard to narrow it down to one thing but if you could leave people watching the video today a one piece of advice, well something like they could implement today that would facilitate a positive change in their life. What would that one thing be?

Tiamo: I would say get a kind of it, is what the message is what your dream, what your purposes and know that what your doing is absolutely unique and I'm giving you permission to spread that to the world because sometimes people feel like what they are doing is so unique or that hasn't been done or nobody embrace it and I find in my music that I had done nobody is doing but with that I created a music market and that's perfect for me. So, the feeling of getting up everyday knowing that I am pursuing my dream and sharing my gifts to inspire others to do that is really remarkable so one thing for me is for people to be clear about what their goal is, if they're not clear about that continue to enjoy their journey and just live in the present and every moment and maybe doing what natural gifted at because for me as a singer writer it doesn't mean I have to pursue dreams since childhood but it's living my daily life on purpose with passion and I find that singing song writing was my vehicle for a change in the world. So, just encouraging people to be what they are and to listen into that voice and honor that.

Natalie: Awesome. Awesome. So, we talk about it earlier how you backing in this new passion. Can you tell us about the website you have set up and what your project and everything you are working on at the moment?

Tiamo: I've got a few things that I learn on. I was so excited with that but the first one you are in to is a project called help Tiamo help others, the website is helptiamohelpothers.com and that's about helping me put out a studio album and I'm also aligned with different charities for support. So it's just for me a call for action to help me if they feel call to donate and want to support me in bringing my music to the world because honestly to believe that anyone in here is my music we'll be empowered to find their higher selves and their greatness and so I think I could heal the planet and so I just open up opportunity to people to support me with that and then other things that I'm doing. One thing that I am just I'm on fire about is my program called Musicians Money Making Secrets and the website for that is musiciansmoneymakingsecrets.com and there I teach musicians on how to become very successful entrepreneurial musicians and to grab a business and be prosperous because some musicians have a starving artist mentality and I'm gonna change the landscape of that looks like and 2 other things I work on Customs Songs where I create customs songs for individuals, couples, speakers and also businesses and then, and the last thing is I get into concerts, so I combine my motivational speeches with my live performances, rock singers and song writers and doing one things for me and people can find out more at tiamomusic.com about that.

Natalie: Now when you here Tiamo's music you'll understand what we're talking about every song has a meaning, every song has a positive message and I haven't heard of anything like and I just love his music. So, guys if you click the banner on the side you actually go to Tiamo so helptiamohelpothers.com and you know if anything here you would like to share the information you have watch today make sure you click the twitter and facebook buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you put your email on the box above their we'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies positively keep you up to date withal of the upcoming shows. So, I'm going to a little sing off now and then I'm gonna going to ask Tiamo to play one of his songs. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. Alright Tiamo play the song.

Tiamo: Alright. So before I play the song just in case people don't know the spelling of my name it's Tiamo T-I-A-M-O and this song is about transformation, it's about change, it's about facing the fears head on, it's called butterfly.

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