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Episode # 440 Tony Wilson - How To Not Lose Your Hope

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Imagine a seriously angry person in front of you right now. Their face is bright red. They're breathing heavily. Their fists are clenched. Now, imagine having the power to calm this person down in 90 seconds or less - all by saying just a few specific words. You'll learn those exact words on today's brand new episode of The Inspiration Show - and as you can surely imagine, it's a fantastic superpower to have! Joining us today is the brilliant Douglas Noll, a lawyer turned mediator and peacemaker who helps people from all walks of life - including violent criminals - live from a space of unshakable peace and calm.

Doug Noll - How to Turn Anger into Peace in 90 Seconds

Did you know almost 6 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? And despite billions of dollars of research, there are no significant cures for it. On today’s eye-opening episode of The Inspiration Show, Dr. Steven Masley - author of The Better Brain Solution - reveals what’s really causing our brains to deteriorate before their time. And the 5 steps you can take to not only protect your brain in the long run but to even look and feel 10 years younger - almost instantly!

The Better Brain Solution - Dr. Steven Masley

Are you courageous enough to do what you really love? Are you passionate enough to pursue your dreams? My guest on today’s episode of The Inspiration Show is a perfect example of what's possible when we choose to grow into our biggest expression. Her name is Nina Kaiser, and during the show, she reveals what it took to leave her lifelong career as a school teacher, and start her new business venture: MindGourmet. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why is everyone able to live their dreams except me?” - then this episode was made for you

Mind Gourmet is Food for Thought - Nina Kaiser

We’re going deep on today’s episode of The Inspiration Show! My dear friend, neuroscientist, chiropractor, lecturer and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, joins us to share the simple steps anyone can follow to trigger a mystical, transcendental, life-changing state of higher consciousness in the mind. You’ll be blown away by what happens to your brain in this state, the seemingly superhuman abilities it awakens in you - and how surprisingly easy it is to experience it (once you know how).

Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

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