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Episode # 87 Parenting without Power Struggles - Susan Stiffleman

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Discover the otherworldly healing secrets of a lost Navajo Tribe on today's extraordinary episode of The Inspiration Show. Joining us is Charles Langley, an English journalist who spent three years living with a tribe of Navajo medicine men in the American Southwest. What transpired is an eye-opening expose into Navajo witchcraft, divination, healing, peyote-induced visions, and the unseen forces that quietly shape our lives.

Charles Langley - Unforeseen Forces: Healing Secrets of a Lost Navajo Tribe

Do you ever feel too overwhelmed, scared or confused to take action on your goals? Or do your hopes and dreams sometimes seem so far away that you feel like giving up on them? If you’re in need of a serious dose of motivation to keep going, then this uplifting episode of The Inspiration Show could be the highlight of your week. My special guest Sidney Reeves, aka Mr. Fit, joins us to share the second part of his extraordinary story - and how visualization and gratitude played an essential part in his post-accident recovery.

Sidney Reeves - Surviving Against the Odds (Part Two)

Has a life-changing event left you feeling heartbroken or hopeless? If you’re dealing with grief or any form of emotional adversity, today’s episode of The Inspiration Show is a beautiful reminder to never give up - and that life does get better. Joining me today is Sidney Reeves, an extraordinary man who experienced extraordinary grief when an accident involving a drunk driver took both the life of his girlfriend, and his mobility. But what he did next triggered a series of events so extraordinary, even Oprah invited him on her show. This conversation left me in tears - and is a moving reminder of why life is always worth fighting for.

Sidney Reeves - Surviving Against the Odds (Part One)

No matter how prepared you think you are, the Universe sometimes throws you a curveball that knocks you helplessly off balance. Plans, dreams, relationships, trips - anything and everything can get scrambled in an instant! But rather than hoping the Universe goes easy on you - it’s far more empowering to simply learn how to rebalance your thoughts, your vibrations, and your spirit at a moment’s notice. Find out how on today’s new episode of The Inspiration Show - featuring authors Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl.

Troy Amdahl & Dave Braun - Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

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