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Episode # 86 Inspirational Success Stories - Mark Romero

Did you know it’s very possible to train your brain to manifest your life’s goals and dreams? As incredible as this sounds, with the help of mantras, you can. In this very special episode of The Inspiration Show, my guest Sherianna Boyle, shows us how to use the power of mantras effectively and how repeating these words can positively influence your thinking as well as those around you.


Sherianna Boyle - Mantras Made Easy

Every moment of every day, you have two choices: 1. Be extraordinary. 2. Settle for less. What will you choose? Rico Racosky, author of “Just 2 Choices”, reveals what's really holding you back, and how to consistently make the choices that lead you to your greatest life and your highest potential.


Rico Racosky - Just 2 Choices

During this rare and insightful episode of The Inspiration Show, licensed therapist Ann C. Barham gives you a glimpse of the enormous power of past life regression therapy and demystifies this intriguing phenomenon, while sharing astounding stories. During the interview, Ann reveals how this therapy can help you resolve enduring personal issues, enrich your life, and answer burning spiritual questions about your purpose on this earth.


Ann Barham - Past Life Regression: The Truth Demystified

Middle age can be a uniquely challenging time for a woman looking to live life to the fullest. If you can relate or if there’s a woman in your life in search of deeper fulfillment, happiness and wellbeing, then this week's episode of The Inspiration Show is essential. You'll join Pat Duckworth, cognitive hypnotherapist and author of “Hot Women, Cool Solutions”, as she reveals 3 simple keys any woman can use to discover her greatest purpose, at any stage of life. Other highlights include how women experiencing menopause symptoms can transition through this period of change with boundless grace, love and self-empowerment.


Pat Duckworth - Discover Your Greatest Purpose At Any Stage Of Your Life

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