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Episode # 101 Passion Peeps - Shawn Shewchuk

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author and sought after international speaker, Teresa de Grosbois. Teresa joins Natalie to discuss the motivation behind her latest book “Mass Influence - the habits of the highly influential”, which explores the most common habits and unspoken etiquette of the highly influential that are a mystery to most successful entrepreneurs. During the show, Teresa shares that some of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs struggle with is their fear to play a bigger game and they instead listen to their inner voice that tells them they're not smart enough or good enough. Teresa also shares that becoming influential is everyone’s responsibility and reveals what does it take to become an influential voice.


Teresa de Grosbois

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with psychotherapist, author and columnist, Kim Schneiderman. Kim joins Natalie to discuss how her latest book called ’Step Out of Your Story’, has the power to transform tragedies into triumphs. During the show, Kim explains that the reason people get stuck in their lives is because they’re unaware they have the ability to change their story. This is why she believes that when people imagine their lives as if it was a novel and see themselves as a 3rd person, they’re able to emotionally detach themselves from the situation and overcome their challenges easier. Kim shares that everyone has a story to be told, each unique and powerful in its own way, and rewriting our own scripts that are getting in the way of becoming our true self and living our best life, is the most effective way to transform our lives.


Kim Schneiderman

Today on The Inspiration, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author, channeler, healer, consultant, and philanthropist, Ariyana “A Star Child”. Ariyana joins Natalie to discuss why she decided to leave her successful career as the president of a multimillion-dollar company to pursue her life’s purpose, and the important message she was chosen to bring to mankind through her psychic abilities. During the show, Ariyana shares that through the “Light Language”, she channels her star family (angels), and she brings that information to help people. She explains that we all have a purpose on earth, and her mission is to help people find it; she reveals how in her latest book “Light Atonement”. Ariyana shares that even though some people’s life purpose may be different than others, change will happen if we all contribute to make a difference by committing to help one another. She also reveals what a “Star Lineage” is and how to find out if you have a “Star Child” at home.


Ariyana, a Star Child

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with former tax consultant now sought after spiritual teacher, speaker and author of


Clayton Ainger

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