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Episode # 513 Overcoming Your Difficult Family - Dr. Eric Maisel

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Is it possible that love is the foundation and essence of life? During this unique episode of The Inspiration Show, my special guest and author of the book “Love is The Power”, Robert O. Williams reveals the answers to questions like this, and explains a very powerful message of love that came to him after going through multiple near-death experiences and visits with other dimensions.

Love is The Power - Robert O. Williams

We often build our identities through our achievements and possessions. But when you’ve lost everything, how do you rebuild your identity and your life? If you're starting over, or if you just need a little nudge to overcome a challenging time, then today's uplifting episode of The Inspiration Show is perfect for you. I can't wait for you to meet my special guest, master coach and founder of The Good Radio Network: the unstoppable Frankie Picasso. Frankie is an advocate for a Socially Conscious Planet; she reinvented herself and turned her life around after overcoming a crippling accident that put her in bed for 6 months. She's helped countless people come back from zero, overcome the impossible, and achieve their dreams - and her unique perspective could be just what you need to rebuild and thrive too.

How To Be a Champion of Change - Frankie Picasso

What if the experiences, wisdom, emotions and destinies of everyone that has ever lived, and ever will live, are energetically stored in the fabric of the cosmos themselves? I know this sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but this 'library' of infinite cosmic wisdom does indeed exist. It's called the Akashic Records, and knowing how to tap into it gives you instant clarity on how to live your purpose, heal your wounds, release your fears, and clear the karmic blocks stuck in your soul's blueprint. On today's episode of The Inspiration Show, we join my friend and bestselling author Lisa Barnett, as she shares a simple way to tap into the Akashic Records, and use its wisdom to dissolve any block in any area of your life.

Akashic Knowing - Lisa Barnett

Regardless of the type of diet you have: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or paleo - you want to experience vibrant health. And in today’s insightful episode of The inspiration Show, my special guest and movie director, Tomas Reyes, and I explore health as a unique and empowering journey He is also a superstar in his latest film “Beyond Food”. Tomas and his team have traveled all over the US on a mission to interview a group of extraordinary people; pioneers who are challenging mainstream health advice. He knew the information he gathered from these mind-expanding interviews would improve his life and now he shares how it can improve yours too.

Beyond Food - Tomas Reyes

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