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Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author, speaker and post-trauma coach, Michele Rosenthal. Michele joins Natalie to discuss trauma, its effects and how she has successfully helped people to recover from it. During the show, Michele opens up about being a trauma survivor who struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for over 25 years. She explains that we can’t always find meaning in our trauma, but we can learn to make meaning come out of it. She also reveals the 3 most important steps to overcome any little or big trauma in life, which are also contained in her latest book called ‘Your Life After Trauma’. Michele’s book is recommended for anyone who wants to release the past and move into the present (and then on into the future) with an increased sense of courage, confidence and control.
Michele Rosenthal
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Ultimate Success Masterclass graduate and founder of ‘Joy Kids Universe’, Joanne Henig. Joanne joins Natalie to discuss the inspiring message behind her company that supports and empowers children to live joyfully, create without limits, and love without judgment. During the show, Joanne shares that since a very young age, she was always curious to find out what the purpose of life is. She also reveals that the universe did deliver the answers she was looking for and explains what they were. This is in fact why Joanne is now on a mission to bring these principles to the next generation. Plus, she unveils why her latest book ‘The Joyful Universe of Casey Rose’, should be read to every single child.
Joanne Henig
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author, entrepreneur and natural health expert, Andrea Cox. Andrea joins Natalie to discuss her outstanding work as a health coach and as the facilitator of her successful retreat called ‘Alkalize with Andrea’. During the show, Andrea explains the amazing benefits of detoxing, what it does to our bodies and why it’s so important to do this at least once a year. She also shares her personal battle with bulimia and how she came to realize that being healthy was the most important thing in life. Plus, she reveals effective and simple methods that we can implement right now to lose weight, cleanse and flush all the toxins from our body without pain.
Andrea Cox
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with money guru, teen coach and author of ‘How To Ditch Your Allowance And Be Richer Than Your Parents’, Patti Handy. Patti joins Natalie to discuss how to educate your teenage children about money by teaching them how to manage it, so they can have more of it in the future. During the show, Patti opens up about how being taught to be financially independent from a very young age empowered her to raise a toddler by herself without struggle. This is why she feels so passionate about this topic and why she understands that financial education needs to be taught at an early age. Patti also reveals the most common reasons why young adults fail at managing their money and unveils the #1 thing that parents need to stop doing right now, to help their kids to grow up financially successful.
Patti Handy

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