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Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with business coach, Meshell Zwicker to discuss her upcoming Summit called ‘The Momentum Makers’, where top coaches and entrepreneurs reveal how they became successful in a series of intimate interviews. During the show, Meshell explains the concept of ‘Inspired Momentum’ which is a method that she uses with her clients to help them ignite motivation and to get things done purposefully, rather than just doing things out of obligation. She also reveals the formula to maintain the energetic state of Inspired Momentum and also shares why it’s so important to have a daily ritual that supports your creative mental state. Plus, she uncovers the details of her summit and how to score a free ticket!
Meshell Zwicker
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell is joined by author, motivational speaker and former professional juggler, Kit Summers. Kit’s story is so inspiring that he joins Natalie on the show for the second time to chat about the message behind his latest book called ‘Beyond Your Potential’, which gives amazing tips and insights on how to use your brain to the fullest. During the show, Kit explains how a series of traumatic accidents were the catalyst that empowered him to change his life for the better; and how he’s using these experiences to live a more purposeful life by inspiring and teaching others how to use their own brain in a more enhanced way.
Kit Summers
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with international speaker, medium and author, Sharon Klinger. Sharon joins Natalie to discuss the message behind her latest book called ‘Power Words’, which aims to help people improve their lives and reach their goals faster. This can include goals like losing weight, breaking negative habits, improving relationships and building wealth, and it can all be achieved through the use of high energy words. During the show, Sharon explains that each word has its own power and vibration because of the meaning it carries. This is why word's can have astonishing positive impacts on our lives if we learn how to use them correctly. Sharon also reveals powerful words that you can use right now to improve your posture, release stress and gain more confidence.
Sharon Klinger
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with painting artist, Heather Smith. Heather joins Natalie to discuss the impact that her Visionary Paintings are making in people’s lives as she captures each individual’s essence and dreams, in every masterpiece. During the show, she explains the process she uses to paint and she shares that her art pieces are not meant to be enjoyed just as a decorative piece, but are instead full of meaning and purpose. Heather also opens up about being unhappy, insecure and unfulfilled not too long ago, and how she found the courage to fulfill her mission in life which is to utilize her creative talent to remind people who they really are at their core. Plus, she shares amazing stories of how her paintings have transformed people’s lives and how they can transform yours too.
Heather Smith

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