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Episode # 421 Marilyn Short

On today’s episode of The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with wellness expert, international speaker and author, Dr. Michelle Nielsen. Michelle joins Natalie to discuss the miraculous experience that she manifested through the power of meditation when she cured her little boy from many physical impediments. During the show, Michelle shares that after 9 months of practicing daily visualization, her son improved so much that he went from having difficulty speaking to being completely fluent in 3 languages. Michelle explains the extraordinary way that visualization works and how she uses it to help others release their emotional blocks in their subconscious.


The Power of Visualization - Dr. Michelle Nielsen


Robyn Openshaw

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author, master energy therapist and creator of “Dressing Your Truth”, Carol Tuttle. Carol joins Natalie to discuss how and why she created a program called Energy Profiling, which helps people identify and honor their true natures, strengths and gifts. During the show, Carol opens up about her abusive childhood and the catalyst that empowered her to seek alternative treatments for her emotional and health problems. She shares that through studying chakras, she soon discovered that different people have different energies and natural movements, and when people are in tune with their own energy, they’re able to heal inside out. Plus, she shares the 4 types of energy profiling she’s created to help women express their inner beauty in their outward appearance.


Carol Tuttle

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with coach, speaker and author of ‘Oh Shift!’, the amazing Jennifer Powers. Jennifer joins Natalie to discuss the importance of experiencing our personal power by exercising our freedom of choice. It’s through her book that she wishes to empower people to speak their truth, tap into their vulnerability, tame their ego, be in flow and give themselves permission to accept and honor themselves. During the show, Jennifer shares that things don’t just happen to you, for you or against you, things just happen; and you get to decide how you react to these situations and what role you play in them. She also explains how to shift your perspective to one that serves you, how to cultivate self-love and how to remove your mask to reveal your own truth and brilliance.


Jennifer Powers

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