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Trusting Your Gut: 8 Reasons You Should Chase Your Dream Career Now!



You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Sure, it seems easier said than done. But what this saying really boils down to is your passion. Once you find something you are passionate about - something that really gets you excited to wake up in the morning - you can use this to fuel your dream career. 

Whether you're an employee or the boss of your own business, passion will always play a huge role in feeling content, competent, valued, and inspired in your work. A lot of successful people started with jobs that they didn’t necessary enjoy. President Obama scooped ice cream, Kanye West worked at Gap folding clothes, and Sylvester Stallone cleaned out lion cages at the zoo.

But this experience is what gave them the motivation and courage to chase their dream careers. Everyone has to start somewhere. But what separates successful people from the rest is that they don’t settle and they know they don’t have to. 

However, having experience and passion are not the only things needed to be more successful in life. You need to know when to start that venture, and this is where most people struggle. The simple answer to this question is... RIGHT NOW! With the right combination of passion, perseverance, and willingness, you will certainly achieve career success. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should finally trust your gut and chase that career you’ve always dreamed of, starting today :)

1. Freedom. 
This is what most people are rewarded with when they land their dream careers. When you are finally dedicating your work to something you are interested in and passionate about, you'll be free of the struggles that consumed you in your previous jobs. If you decided to start your own business you will have the freedom to do things your way instead of always answering to someone else.

2. Time.
People usually give excuses when it comes to time. The mentality of "I'll do this tomorrow" doesn't facilitate growth in our personal or professional lives. This procrastination can have a negative impact on your dreams and aspirations because you are always putting them off. Remember, time isn’t something we have control over. If that promotion is up for grabs, apply for it now before someone else gets it. If you have a business idea, hit the ground running before someone else gets the same idea.

3. Ideas.
Ideas can come and go. People usually have great ideas but are too afraid to test the waters. If you come up with an idea to finally land that promotion or start that business of your dreams, just go for it. Otherwise your ideas are just going to slowly slip away and you may have feelings of regret.

4. Passion.
Believe it or not, passion can eventually dwindle. If you find something that gives you contentment and happiness, do things to deepen that emotion. Feed the fire. People usually lose interest in an idea when they do nothing to nurture it. 

5. Fulfillment. 
Unfortunately, happiness can be fleeting. We find little things that make us happy, but as things change and time moves on, it’s almost impossible to remain consistently happy. However, what we can do is chase real fulfillment in our lives. Chasing your dream career isn’t about just being ‘happy’. It’s the challenge, struggle, and reward of fulfillment along the way that makes it all worth it.

6. Age.
This is something that is connected with Time. We all hate to admit it, but we are not getting any younger. You may have a great idea but if that promotion or business entails physical aspects and you can no longer keep up with it, it will not be as fulfilling. This is why we need to act on our ideas right now and literally seize the moment. 

7. Others.
Chasing your dream career can give contentment not only to yourself but also to others. If you have your own business which you are happy with, your employees in turn will feel that happiness. You will radiate positivity and this will rub off on your employees. It’s the same concept with your loved ones. When you are dedicating 40+ hours a week to a job you hate, you will likely be miserable and this will impact the people in your life.

8. Yourself.
Lastly, chasing your dream career is simply for you. If you land that promotion, or get that job, or start that business, you'll achieve self-worth, happiness, and contentment. These are things that will give purpose to your life. 

Chasing your dream career has the power to make you jump out of bed every morning. You don't struggle to juggle your career with other aspects of your life because everything is in flow and alignment.

And for many successful people, their purpose and their passions are woven right into their work. 

So if you want to be successful, remember to take an honest look at not just how much you earn in your profession, but how it makes you feel.

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