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7 Quotes To Help You Manifest Your Dreams Easier

If you’re not using inspirational quotes every day as a source of motivation, then you’re missing out on a very useful tool!  Law of Attraction quotes are great reminders of the amazing power we have as humans... and also provide us with guidance and positive energy. If you’re ever in doubt about your own power of creation, read these 7 uplifting quotes to shift your...
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6 Tips That Will Inspire You To Live A Holistic Lifestyle

The way of life for many people starts every morning with rushing to work, running errands, grabbing a quick bite (usually unhealthy foods)… and by the end of the day, they’re so tired and exhausted, they have no energy to work out or go to the gym… Does this sound familiar at all? But what’s worse than the stress that comes along with this, is that this kind of...
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5 Traits That Reveal If You’re A Resilient Person

Have you noticed how some people seem to be born with the ability to overcome any setbacks with ease and walk around with a great sense of control over their lives… While others tend to dwell on their problems and get easily rattled when unexpected challenges arise? Well the difference relies in a person’s mental resilience, which is the ability to decide that you want to be your...
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How To Tell The Difference Between An Abundance Mindset, A Wealthy Mindset & A Prosperity Mindset

Do you know what ABUNDANCE really means? And do know the difference between being wealthy, abundant and prosperous?

Some people crave these things and spend most of their time dreaming about having them, but very few spend time actually defining what these 3 things really mean to them

So how can you get more abundant, prosperous or wealthy if you...
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