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Hello and welcome to the Mind Movies Blog.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you the latest information and tools to help you achieve success in any area of your life, whether it be financial, career, health, relationships or spirituality.

The success we have personally achieved with Mind Movies and applying Law of Attraction principles has completely changed our lives so we hope that sharing our experiences with you here will expand your understanding and inspire a belief that you can do it too!

We want to encourage you to have a look around, leave comments, ask questions, interact with other people here who are on a similar journey to you and share the information you find on this blog with anyone you know that can benefit from it.

Oh, and if you haven’t done so already, make sure you enter your email to accept our free gift of 6 premade Mind Movies and start to facilitate a positive change in your life right now.

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon.

  • Ray

    A year after starting Mind Movies we moved into our ideal home.  Two months after starting Mind Movies Matrix I was able to purchase at a great price my Ideal vehicle.  This is positivley amazing. Ray

  • Stéphane


    I understand that the "Weight Loss Mind Movie Matrix" helps loosing extra fat, but is it designed to act as a
    " stop comfort eating and stay thin" tool as well ?  

  • Mind Movies

    It is designed to build new neural pathways in your brain, so when you make future food choices they are congruent with losing weight so in a way yes it should help to combat comfort eating. Cheers!

  • Patrick

    Hi Natalie,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your new book. I'm very happy for you!


  • Wow!

    Seems like things have picked up since I last checked in. So happy to see people having success! I'll be sending you a testimonial of my own success story soon enough. Mind Movies, you are definitely an incredible company and while passion might be hard to convey sometimes, you show it by answering comments on your blog and the usually swift customer support email.

    So, to Mind Movie (Matrix) users - don't give up! Stick with it! You know when your feelings of frustration/impatience gets replaced with anticipation? That's the cue that something great is on the way. 

    Have  a nice day, everyone!

  • Mind Movies

    Thank you!

  • Wendy-ann

    I can not say to much as of yet because this is quite new to me.But I can see how it got me FIRED UP for the first time in years of browsing this thing called the internet,, After experiencing your free gift.Im excited & look forward to making my own mind movie!! I think it is a very generous gift by the way Thank you!:)

  • Mind Movies

     We are excited to have you, as well. Welcome! :)

  • Maddie

    I've been enjoying the Mind Movies Videos and watching them daily. The words certainly stay with you and pop into my head at any time. Yesterday I introduced EFT (tapping) while watching them just to see what effect the 2 together would have. It feels like it has enhanced the mind movies experience and feeling.

  • marie

    Happy Monday, I am very pleased with the enhanced Mind Movie Matrix Videos. I really appreciate my gifts, thank you. I just read that you are in the process of making the enhanced Business Matrix. I am very excited about this. I also purchased the Energy Matrix and noticed that the Business Matrix attaches the Energy Matrix as a free bonus. May those of us that purchased the Energy Matrix get an extra bonus with our purchase? Again, my MInd Movie Matrix brain entrainment videos continue to joyfully enhance my life, my business, and to my delightful surprise, I now have an interview for my dream job. I will keep you posted on its progress. In addition to brain entrainment with Mind Movies: I also keep a daily journal of gratitude on gratitudelog.com; I meditate daily using the following methods: The American Monk by Burt Goldman, The Silva Method by Jose and Laura Silva, and The Holosync Solution by BIll Harris. I wish joyful success for everyone! Love and light to you always, Dominga.

  • Mind Movies

    Hi Mimi!
    We are very happy to have you in the Mind Movies community. We are also excited about the enhanced Business Matrix. Yes, we do have the option of having the business and increased energy matrix together in one package. And yet, you can also opt for separate orders for either program. Please do stay tuned for future gifts, send us an email as well. Cheers!

  • Hey guys, I really like the new Money Matrix video. My question is; are
    you guys going to make a new Business Matrix video?


  • Mind Movies

    Hi Mike!

    Yes, we are in the process of creating the new business matrix videos and we will let you know once it is available.


  • adele

    I wanted to add my positive regards for the new Mind Movie Matrix videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I definitely agree with the other comments - love seeing more $100 bills in the Money video, love the larger print, and especially love the human diversity.  I had submitted a comment that the people shown in the 4 previous movies were homogeneous (especially in the Relationships movie) and didn't look or feel like me.  I was especially dismayed that the one Black couple in the Weight Loss video were overweight and the camera zooms in on their stomachs :-(  I had become unmotivated to watch the videos, and felt distracted or annoyed when I did.  Now I think this is a one thousand percent improvement and I feel much more excited to include these videos in my daily practice.  Thank you Natalie and company to responding to your members' comments!!!  Enjoy your day!

  • Arbonne

    Hi Guys, Not being the biggest Techy around, it's been a bit of a challenge to complete the process of downloading and setting up the subliminal videos to play in the background but yippee I've finally made it!
    Starting off with the money one as having the universe provide me with some extra wealth would also help allieviate some of the other issues that I'm experiencing at the moment.
    I'm feeling very positive about it and can't wait to have some tangible results - i shall keep you posted.

    I do have one question though - does it matter what volume I play the subliminal videos at? I know it might sound silly to ask, but if I have it turned right down so I can hardly hear it - does it still have an effect?

  • Mind Movies


    You should listen to the MMM at the highest possible volume while still being COMFORTABLE. You don’t want to strain yourself; With respect to the BWE MMM, the idea is that the louder the sounds, the deeper the BWE may be (due to the increased stimulation to the brain). COMFORT is very important. If you listen to the recordings at too high a volume, you are working against the purpose of the MMM.

  • Micah Smith

         Hello, I have blocks and I don't know what they are, can anyone tell me how to get rid of them?
    I have only manifested twice since I got the mind movies matrix.Well, I did manifest , I just didn't manifest as much as I wanted. So I guess, I don't completely have blocks, just not as quick as I would like and what Im exactly wanting. I guess, I just need to be clearer on what I want. Hmmmm. If anyone has some other info, please reply

  • Hello Micah,
    I would also encourage you to celebrate the closeness of the match to your manifesting. If you have already manifested twice, those are AMAZING RESULTS! Can you feel your energy shift when you say "Well, I only manifested twice and it wasn't quite as fast or as much as I'd have liked" vs. "Wow, I already mainfested TWICE! This stuff is really working and I'm excited to experience more of it!" One creates resistance, the other opens you up. When you are open, you are in a state of being able to receive more of what the Universe is sending you.
    I hope that's helpful!
    To your abundance,

  • Mind Movies

     Hi Micah!

     It is important to "exercise" your brain/mind every day. The more you use the MMM, the more positive changes you will be likely to manifest. 

    If you were to exercise once in a while, you would not see much of a difference in your conditioning or health (if any). Do it regularly and you won’t be able to deny the changes you see. It is the same with your brain/mind. 

    Do it regularly and be amazed!


  • Wolf853

    Hi Natalie,
    Love the matrix product, listen and watch the videos everyday with great results already. Since I am not trying to lose weight, but I do have other health concerns, is there any way you could incorporate a general health section to the matrix program? Just a suggestion.
    Thanks so much,