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Gratitude Gains: 8 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Gratitude Muscle Autumn Leaves


Want to be healthier, happier, and more successful? Your Gratitude Muscle is a vital part of your mental anatomy - but are you giving it the attention it deserves? Try these 8 daily Mind Workouts to shift your mind into a space of unbreakable thankfulness, and reap the rewards in every area of life.

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STOP! Are You Setting The Right Goals? this is your year


Have you ever stopped and wondered if you were setting the right type of goals for yourself? If you don’t know what you truly want or how to set goals with clear intentions, you’re unlikely to achieve the life you desire. If you are ready to reevaluate your goals, check out this week’s blog from Professional Development Coach Kristine Conway, as she sheds light on three key steps to setting the right goals for yourself.

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These 6 Excuses Are Keeping You From Happiness owl


Our minds are as fascinating as they are deceiving. Sometimes our minds can even convince us to not take action on new perspectives, things and opportunities that could benefit us. This leads us to make damaging excuses that prevent us from reaching our goals and obtaining the happiness we deserve. Here are 6 excuses our mind conjures up that could be keeping you from reaching your greatest potential.

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3 Important Lessons About Success from Oprah's Favorite Guest of All Time plant


There are times in our lives when we meet someone that significantly impacts us, and the lessons they teach us are meant to permeate every action we take, as we traverse the journey we call life. For bestselling author Zhena Muzyka, this happened when she met Dr. Tererai Trent, who is considered one of Oprah’s favorite guests of all time. On this week’s blog, Zhena shares 3 powerful lessons she learned from Dr. Tererai Trent, author of The Awakened Woman, on how to truly be successful.

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Powerful Confidence Building Tips That Will Make You Believe in Yourself! confidence


Low self-confidence can be a result of many things, from limiting beliefs and negative childhood imprints, to fear of failure and fear of judgment. Building strong self-confidence, despite these obstacles, takes work, persistence, and practice. If you want to improve your self-esteem and boost your self-worth, here are five simple and effective techniques that will make you believe in yourself.

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10 Inspiring Books That Will Have You Reaching For The Stars bookshelf


Have you ever picked up a book that just immediately inspired you to take action? Well, we know a few and we’ve listed some here across several genres. If you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, here are 10 books that will get you out of that rut and have you reaching for the stars!

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From Blah to Brilliant: 5 Keys to Personal Ingenuity nature


My experience, both personally and with many personal growth gurus I’ve worked with over the years, is that inspiration actually comes from within. Yet we often search outside of ourselves to find it. Becoming aware of your body, your surroundings, and your emotions are some of the first steps to tapping into that inspiration hidden right inside of you! On this week’s blog, we share a guest post from Law of Attraction coach Deborah D’Ippolito and her 5 secrets to awakening your inner inspiration.

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This is Why You Should Disconnect This Weekend: 10 Ways to Unplug From Technology woman on the beach at sunset


Do you ever find yourself so immersed in your phone or tablet that you are almost isolated from your surroundings? Have you ever tried to ‘detox’ yourself from constant social media, texting, and playing on apps? Sometimes we need to be reminded that technology has an off button and the world around us simply does not!

Consider these 10 ways to unplug from technology this weekend and learn to enjoy the beauty around you.

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