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Inside Mind Movies: Our Favorite Habits for Happiness group pic


We all strive for everlasting happiness, yet there will always be things outside our control that ultimately will challenge our happiness. The secret lies in maintaining a higher vibration and creating habits for happiness that will make us feel fulfilled, peaceful and satisfied much of the time. Check out our personal favorite habits that help facilitate happiness here at Mind Movies!

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3 of the Greatest Blocks to Happiness (And How to Shatter Them Once and For All) smiling woman looking down


As subjective as it may be, most of us seek the pursuit of happiness. But oftentimes, we attribute our lack of happiness to external things, like money and relationships. In reality, what could be holding you back from happiness is right inside of you - internal roadblocks keeping you from living your most fulfilled, happiest life.

This week, Transformational Coach and blogger Suzie de Jonge shares what these three blocks are and how to rid yourself of them for good. Check it out!

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The Importance Of Healing In Today's Life woman doing yoga


Anxiety, stress, and emotional turbulence are normal when experienced once in a while. But do you find yourself constantly feeling stressed or physically and emotionally exhausted?  If your answer is yes, then there may be an underlying reason you’re feeling this way, and it has to do with your Chakras! On this week’s blog, online transformational education provider, Mindvalley Academy, shares the importance of healing and nourishing your Chakras in today’s hectic life. Check it out now!

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29 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Make You Fall In Love With Spreading Love holding flowers


Can you agree that the world needs more love? How much better would life be if everyone practiced just one random act of kindness every day? Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives. Here are 29 random acts of kindness to uplift the people around you (and yourself) this holiday season.

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My Life is a Rubik's Cube: Part 1 stones


Have you ever sat down and tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube? The possibilities are nearly incomprehensible, it’s almost impossible trying to visualize all of the potential outcomes! Similar to the Rubik’s Cube, life has many twists, turns, and obstacles leading to various paths, and it’s hard to predict what will happen next. In this week’s blog post, published author Michael Fletcher shares some hints on how to solve life’s Rubik’s Cube. Check it out now!

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7 Powerful Steps To Creating a Vision Board That Actually Works! Sunrise


Did you know you’re always in the process of becoming what you are thinking about most often? Your thoughts are shaping your actions and your actions become what you do and your experiences in life. When you focus your attention on the things that serve you, you’re aligning yourself with your dreams. This infographic shows you how vision boards can help you do just that.


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Effective Morning Routines to Skyrocket Your Productivity surfer at sunrise


Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, we all start our day at some point or another. Some of us jump online immediately, checking emails and viewing social media. Others watch TV or even get some exercise in. But did you know the little habits and morning rituals we keep can drastically impact the rest of our day? Check out guest blogger and Life Coach Adam Rockman’s simple tips to creating a productive and efficient morning routine!

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This Is Why Vision Boards Are The Secret To Making The Law of Attraction Work For You vision board


Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques you can apply to your life to manifest your desires and reach your goals. Have you ever considered using a vision board to create your own reality? There’s a reason why so many people swear by vision boards (or dream boards), and why you should too, to finally manifest the life you desire!

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